Unconventional Oven Cooking with Dutch Oven

Have you ever heard of dutch oven? It is described as a miniature pot coated with thick metal that comes with a tight lid.

Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven

Australian outback commonly refers to it as camp oven. It is an ideal cook ware in outdoor picnics and bonfires. It was designed with a tight lid purposely for various cooking purposes. Coals can be placed on top of it evenly for equal heat distribution. Furthermore, it can also be used on blue flame stoves. These are some of the cooking method which can be used in this unique kind of oven.

Outdoor camps are ideal for broiled meats and barbecues. The good thing about dutch oven cooking is that it extracts the juice from the meat which makes a dish a lot more tasteful. This cookware is ideal for steaks during camp outs. This kind of cook ware is known to be portable that is why it is so much ideal to have it either for home or out-of-home use. You may try making simple breads, soups, porridge, etc. If you have it at home, you may experiment cooking dishes or viands that is suitable for picnics or week end gatherings. It was labeled as a versatile ware because it can be used not only as a stovetop but inside the oven itself. So if you plan to make a twist out of a regular roasting, you may try cooking it through it.

Dutch ovens also come in numerous designs. You may get one according to your taste and probably lifestyle. If you are a heavy camper, investing in a durable oven may be advantageous. If you are planning to use it inside your home, there are a lot of stylish designs to choose from.

If you are looking for a different kind of cooking challenge, you may opt for this kitchen gadget. Aside that is serves a lot of functions; it gives food a different kind of palatability. If you long for a smoky and juicy meat, this is your way to go. One good recipe you may experiment in this kind of ware is shepherd’s pie. In terms of keeping your food warm for a long time, this equipment is good as well. With its traditional make of cast iron, you can be sure of its sturdiness in addition to its great functionality. Dutch oven is surely a way to do cooking unconventional with a class.

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