Ultimo Reveals New Dreamwire: The Underwired Bra With No Pain!

Do you remember the first underwired bra you bought and how it felt against your rib cage after only a few hours? I do and yet I still buy them. Probably because I am not endowed with a chest like Pamela Anderson and need the extra support that an underwired bra provides. But at what cost I have been asking myself after all these years? From the pesky wire sometimes poking out from the stitching and practically preparing me for a breast implant, to the aching and sore feeling of having the wire sitting there for hours at a time, rubbing constantly at my chest. There has to be some sort of solution Doesn’t there? Well, thankfully Ultimo, managed by uber entrepreneur Michelle Mone, has created the ultimate underwired bra. The Dreamwire bra is said to provide the uplift we have come to expect from an underwired bra, but with none of the discomfort or pain. So how has this been achieved? Based in Glasgow, Ultimo have spent two years developing and designing the bra that supposedly is the most comfortable in the world.

The exterior of the bra is constructed from one single piece of foam that has been sculpted to look like a bra shape, it is then covered in a light-weight synthetic material. This means that the bra has virtually no stitching or joins, thus making it much less likely to rub the skin. The interior of the cups are made from a type of foam padding that utilises a soft plastic underwire, giving extra support to the chest area. This foam doubles up in helping to cushion the skin from any digging from the wire. The Dreamwire bra costs £24, and is due to go on sale at the end of this month, however, Next are already stocking the bra which comes in two colours of black and nude. The bra has been tested by 100 women for the last 14 months and will go on sale online and in Debenhams stores in late January. It is reported that the creator of Ultimo, Michelle Mone, was drawn to make the pain-free underwired bra by her own experiences wearing uncomfortable underwired bras herself.

Michelle actually tried and wore the Dreamwire bra herself and said that she would never now wear anything else. She commented, “I wear the Dreamwire every day – after you have worn it once you will never want to wear another bra, trust me. It has absolutely no gel yet it still creates the shape you want, with a comfort factor women have always dreamed of.” Dreamwire’s spokesperson said of the bra that it aimed to provide “pure comfort without losing any cleavage. It is an everyday bra designed for comfort but without sacrificing any support or shape. It can be worn for 24 hours a day, for work, exercise and sleep, without the woman feeling any discomfort.” To buy the Dreamwire bra from Next, visit this link.

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