Your Ultimate Guide to Home Hair Colouring

With recent hair colour trends such as splashlights and dip dye ombres hitting the headlines, many ladies are taking to colouring their hair at home, in order to keep abreast with the current hair colours and styles. And with a range of innovative hair colouring products now available, home colouring has become ever sophisticated, with new formulas that guarantee perfect results.

In fact, recent technological advances within the home colouring industry have led to a rise in sales in the past few years, with the invention of the non drip mousse, foam formulas and clever packaging that means you don’t have to throw away any unused dye.


Add to this the addition of new glossy conditioners, a whole new range of bright and bold colours, plus a collection of on-trend stylish effects achievable at home, it’s no wonder that ladies are shunning the salons and holing up in their bathrooms.

But which colour and home colouring kit is best for you? Check out our ultimate guide to home hair colouring and see how to choose the best product.

Permanent or temporary?

Deciding how long you want to commit to your new colour is the first step in choosing one. Temporary colours wash out in about 3 shampoos, whilst semi permanent colours last for 8 to 25 washes. Permanent colours stay in your hair until the hair grows out (unless you use a colour remover).

Pick the right colour

Choosing the right colour is the difference between a great head turning statement or you’d wished you’d never bothered. So choose a colour that works well with your skin. There are two basic skin tones — cool and warm. Warm skin tones, such as olive, Mediterranean or yellow tones should stick to darker hair colours, or bright, striking colours. They should steer clear from shades lighter than their skin, as it will appear fake, and be careful with orange, gold or yellow tones.

Loreal Absolue Mousse Shades

Loreal Absolue Mousse Shades

Cool tones should avoid shades of warm red or golden blonde, and stay away from black or very dark hair, as they can make you look even more pale. Stick to ash or silvery tones as these will neutralize your coloring. Platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, burgundy and most bright reds also work well with cool skins.

Bold or subtle?


Are you looking for a real head turning statement, or do you want to make more of a subtle gesture? If you are feeling bold there are some great products on the market that are on trend, to give you show stopping bright colour. try Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL which come in a range of ultra Bright hues.


For a more subtle colour statement, choose a colour that is only a couple of shades lighter than your original hair colour, but adds something extra, such as gloss or shine. Garnier’s Olia products are renowned for adding moisture and colour, as they have 60% oils and contain no ammonia.

Golden Rules of home hair colouring

Even if you have been dying your hair for years, you should always follow the golden rules of home hair colouring, as there have been reports of people suffering fatal allergic attacks after using a colorant. So, always read the instructions, as different manufacturers have different rules for their products.

Always do a patch test before you use the product, this is especially important if you have ever had a henna tattoo in the past. Wait for at least 24 hours before you apply the product.

Always apply the product onto unwashed and dry hair, as your hairs natural oils will help to neutralise the effects of the harsh chemicals.

Finally, maintain the depth of hair colour with a specially formulated shampoo designed for coloured hair.

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