The Ultimate Guide to Hair Removal & Products

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Removal & Products

If you are anything like me, now that the days are getting warmer, you are starting to wear clothes that show off your legs. But those legs need a little bit of preparation before they are suitable for public consumption.

And for those who have plans to holiday, it’s not just your legs that you will be thinking about. Under the arms, the bikini line, these are all areas that may need some form of hair removal.

But what is the best method for each of these areas and which products should you choose?

You may not realise but these areas benefit from different methods.

Here are our suggestions:


Most ladies shave their legs but a better method is to use a depilatory device. These are typically electric devices that use a form of metallic tweezers to pull the hairs out of the skin from the root. This not only means the skin is smoother, but the hair will grow back finer and you will get longer lasting results than shaving.


Wazor Hair Remover Lightweight Body Hair Removal - $28.66

For the price, you won’t get a better device than this. A cordless hair remover that is lightweight and easy to use. Perfect for all over the body, not just the legs.

From: shavingdevices.info


Braun Silk-épil 5 5-280 - Electric Hair Removal Epilator - $59.95

This device boasts that it catches hairs as small as a grain of sand with the specially designed Close-Grip 40 Tweezer Technology, that’s less than 0.5mm. Includes high frequency massaging rollers and a cooling glove to give a smooth and pain-free epilation.

From: us.braun.com


Hair around the bikini line is typically coarse and thick, which makes it perfect for waxing. As with depilatory devices, because the hair is pulled from the root, it grows back finer. It is best to wax after your skin is hydrated from a shower or a bath. Then the pores will be open and waxing will be easier.


Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for Face, Brows & Bikini - $4.27

Easy to use wax strips that you just heat up with your hands and apply to the area you want waxing. Not enough in the pack for the legs but plenty for the bikini line. Good for a one-off treatment.

From: amazon.com


Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit - $34.70

If you are forever waxing your bits, you’ll want a kit, not just a pack of strips. This kit has everything you need, from a warming pot for the wax, applicators, pre-application gel and post cooling gel.

From: gigispa.com


The hair under your arms grows faster than anywhere else on your body, almost 50% faster in fact. So you’ll need a product that is quick and convenient to remove it. Because the skin under the arms can be lumpy and bumpy, some people find shaving makes them sore. We recommend hair removal cream. You can leave it on whilst you are in the bath or the shower and wash it off when the time is up.


Veet Hair Removal Cream - Dry Skin - $5.95

We recommend this product even if you do not have dry skin as the moisturising extra ingredients of shea butter help to sooth the skin after use. This product also has a more pleasant smell with the addition of lily flower.

From: veet.com


Stop Hair 100% Natural Hair Growth Inhibitor - $49.75

This product does not remove hair per se, once the hair has been removed it then slows the regrowth process. The way it works is that once the hair root has been removed, and the space where the root normally sits is empty, this product fills that space with ingredients that starve the next follicle of nutrients.

From: amazon.com

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