Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Clothing Shopping Apps

Retail experts say that in just a few years, online shopping will overtake bricks and mortar trading for the first time. With this in mind, many shops are making sure that their online presence is just as good, if not better than their High Street stores. For most people, this means shopping apps, but which ones offer the best experience and which ones fall flat?

You might be surprised but nowadays it’s not just about the purchasing of goods. There’s a whole realm of clothing apps that cover everything from finding complimentary accessories, getting your friend’s opinion, sorting through the best prices, right through to buying the items.

Here’s our top pick of the ten best clothing apps:



Hands down the best clothing app for variety and ease of use is the Asos Clothing App. Lovely big pictures of the clothes fill your phone, you can search easily via the menu on the left hand side, swiping up and down to access and the check-out is a piece of cake.

You immediately get access to any sales items and also get alerts when the sales have started. Every time you shop the store learn more of your style and can show you extra recommendations.



Just like the online site but a little smaller on the app we found, this app is also more complicated to use than the website but still good fun. Your details are packed into a smaller screen with the home page at the start and the search icon at the top.

Selling on the app is easy as you can use pictures direct from your camera roll. Buying is also a cinch as it’s very easy to search for specific items and pay using PayPal.



Renowned for selling shoes, fans of Zappos will know it sells a lot more. You can buy bags, clothes, jewelry, watches, even baby stuff here.

This is a clothing app that is ideal for those impulse buys as it features great deals with detailed descriptions so that you will know if an item will suit or fit you. If it doesn’t you can send it back, no quibbles and Zappos also have a free shipping policy with no minimum purchase.



Mallzee is your eyes into the High Street, as it features all the well-known retailers such as River Island, Miss Selfridges, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Reiss, Nike and much more.

This clothing app works a little like Tinder as in you swipe across these brands and can collate your favourite items into categories such as party pieces or work wear to organise your lists. You also get notifications from your wish list if an item has dropped in price.



This is the only clothing app that costs to download ($4) but you do get a ton of features for the price. Imagine a digital closet that allows you to organise your clothes according to different categories such as tailoring, how certain items mix with others, the total value of your wardrobe etc

It also allows you to add images from different brands and gives you style advice on items. It can show you your most and least worn items, the number of times you’ve worn a combination outfit and many others.



A clothing app created for fashionistas with a unique sense of style, Pose is designed for those who want to share and express their creative looks and the latest fashion trends. It is a diverse community in which not only the general public, but celebrities, journalists and stylists exchange fashion inspiration and products.

It gives you the chance to see what the fashion bloggers are coveting and you can trade items as well.



A little like Facebook, Polyvore lets you ‘like’ items from tons of brands in order to select your style and then makes choices on your behalf and add them to your collections. The more likes you make, the better your collections.

This clothing app works on an algorithm in which your choices of likes and dislikes are used to improve the overall styling content you end up receiving.



Finally, this clothing app is a kind of Tinder for Shoes. Over 50,000 shoes are available for you to swipe through including designers such as Nike all the way through to Christian Louboutin.

Choose which ones you like by filtering the colour, price or style, create a wish-list and buy directly through the app.

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