Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for 2016

If you have a large family group to buy christmas gift for, or are simply looking for inspiration this Christmas then look no further. We have christmas gift suggestions for even the hardest to buy family-member that they will love forever! So stop worrying about which christmas gift to buy and read on, because here at Shoppersbase, we’ve got Christmas covered:


Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit - $34.95

If you know someone that loves chocolate they are sure to adore this DIY truffle kit. It contains a variety of ingredients, including organic dark chocolate, coconut flakes, peppermint, vanilla and Himalayan sea salt to make delicious homemade truffles. You can also add cream to make them milk chocolate or coconut milk to keep them vegan.

From: uncommongoods.com


Flexible Unbreakable Wine Bottle as Christmas gift - $14.98

Do you have a friend who loves the latest wine gadgets? Surprise them with this amazing unbreakable wine bottle. It looks like a squeezy pouch and holds up to 750ml, includes the spout and makes a great gift.

From: amazon.com


Infuser Bottle - $12.95

If you have a friend or family member that is always hanging out at the gym and drinks plenty of water, get them one of these infuser bottles. You can fill it with fruit or the pulp of fruit and none of the seeds or skin will get into your water but you’ll enjoy all of the goodness.

From: amazon.com


Homemade Ravioli Kit - $30.00

Do you know someone who is constantly inspired by Masterchef or indeed any of those cooking programs and would love to make their own ravioli? Now they can with this fabulous kit. You get premeasured ingredients and step-by-step instructions, all you have to do is buy the fresh produce and you’ll be an Italian master in no time.

From: uncommongoods.com


Heirloom Seed Packs - $21.88

Want your gardening friend or family member to grow something really special this Christmas? Then buy them a pack of these heirloom seeds. Not only unique and valuable but none are genetically engineered and all are non-gmo organic, open-pollinated and untreated.

From: amazon.com


Hershey’s Single Serve Ice Cream Maker – $50.00

We have showcased this ice-cream maker before but it is especially good value right now and a perfect gift for someone who is single and loves ice-cream. So if your best friend loves to indulge herself, why not treat her? The machine makes two different flavors at once and all you have to do is add the ingredients.

From: amazon.com


Vintage Light Bulb - $9.99

This is a great christmas gift for anyone who loves a little novelty lighting or just quirky gifts. It works as a light as the flower lights up and gives a soft and warm glow. There are loads of different options to choose from if you do not like the violet flower.

From: amazon.com


Mason Jar Speaker & Amplifier - $65.00

Amplifiers are so boring aren’t they? Not this one! It’s a speaker-in-a-jar and is completely self-contained so it is portable. All you do is attach it to your music player and away you go. It may be small but it delivers a big sound. Great gift for teens and students.

From: uncommongoods.com


Compact Monocular Telescope - $24.99

Got a space cadet in the family that is forever looking out into the stars? Now give them something to look through with this amazing monocular telescope. You get an eyepiece which you can focus on distant objects and you can observe objects near 6.6 feet.

From: amazon.com


Tea from Around the World Set - $45.00

We all love tea but some people take their tea-loving to an obsession. If you know someone like this then here’s the perfect gift. Ten single-estate teas to sample, all loose leaf and give an insight to different regions and countries.

From: uncommongoods.com


Little Patient - $55.00

Got a budding doctor in amongst your children? Help them learn anatomy with this cute doll, who has removable organs including the heart, lungs, intestines, liver, spleen, and kidneys. The organs are color coded and there is a booklet that comes with the doll that explains each function.

From: uncommongoods.com


Stop Motion Animation Kit - $60.00

We never had christmas gift like this when we were young! This is amazing and possibly gets the prize for Best Gift Ever! In this kit you get everything you need to create a stop animation film, including the figures, the camera and the software. If you don’t buy this for your children I will!

From: uncommongoods.com

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