Types of Parties and How to Throw Them

When it comes to social engagements, there is a dazzling number of options to choose from. This short list explains and describes the most popular types of parties, allowing you to choose the one most suited to your requirements. Don’t forget that you can customise your party precisely as much as you want to, to imbue it with your personal tastes and spirit.

The dinner party is one of the most traditional types of parties. Inviting a number of friends around, you cook a lush dinner for them and typically the bulk of the entertainment is based on the conversation between yourself and the guests. An important part of this type of party is the choice of guests. You can use a dinner party to network and introduce people you believe should know each other. With a careful selection of guests, you can make or break this type of party. Good purchases for this sort of party include high-quality ingredients as well as printed or hand-lettered menu cards and place settings.

Cocktail parties, once an extremely popular choice, have made a big come-back. You can find recipes for cocktails online and treat your guests to a selection of tasty drinks, whether blended or not. As guests will circulate a lot more, less of the success depends on the guest list, although you’ll still want to make sure you don’t invite polar opposites as, typically, every single guests will end up speaking to every single other guest at some point during the night. Must-have purchases include garnishes for the drinks and an array of bite-sized nibbles for a finger-food buffet. Pretty name-tags for all your guests are also a must as they will allow the social aspect to run more smoothly.

Finally, more informal than either previous option, the barbecue party is a big favourite when the summer weather comes out again. People gather in a garden to eat char-grilled foods and socialise in a very informal manner around the barbecue. Must-have foods include fresh salads such as potato or pasta salad, condiments, buns, and a vast array of drinks – pop and juice as well as alcoholic options. If you invite friends with small children, buying a fold-away set of fencing to help keep the kids away from the barbecue is a lovely way to show your concern and care.

It is party season once again, and if you pick your party carefully and customise it with your very own flavours and ideas you can be the most successful host of the summer!

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