Tyler Shields: Hollywood’s Best Loved Photographer

Francesca Eastwood in Glitter Mouth

You may not have heard of the Los Angeles based photographer – Tyler Shields, but he comes with somewhat of a Hollywood endorsement. For starters, his muses include the most A list of actresses, such as Mischa Barton, Emma Roberts (niece of Julia) and Francesca Eastwood, who just happens to be the daughter of Clint, and Shields is currently dating Ms Eastwood. In fact, Eastwood appears in Shields’ best selling work – Glitter Mouth, which depicts glitter and diamonds tumbling out of her red lipstick mouth. Shields said in a recent interview with I Newspaper that she was the only person who could do the shoot. “I tried Glitter Mouth with with other people but they would choke or gag. They couldn’t do it. Nobody else could do it except for Francesca.” Glitter Mouth is priced at £25,000 ($40,000) a pop and has now sold out.

Emma Roberts

Shields other iconic works feature Roberts staring through a ripped wall to gaze upon Barbie with a decapitated Ken. Apparently Eastwood styled the dolls by dressing them up and cutting their hair. This print is one of Shields that has been acquired by the Tate.

Mischa Barton

You can also see Mischa Barton in a series of prints which depict her either eating a raw slab of steak, or dancing in a deserted street with a panda bear. The UK heiress Tamara Ecclestone is another lady who will drop her natural reserves when Shields calls, as he photographed the socialite sweeping London Streets, begging with a sign ‘Will Work For Diamonds’ and lying naked on a bed covered in a million pounds of £50 pound notes.

Tamara Ecclestone

Shields recalls asking her to pose for him, “I said to her, ‘You need to get £1 million in cash’. She said, ‘Ok, can you come on Friday?”

Lindsay Lohan & Michael Trevino

Shields does not ever appear to be starstruck by the people he asks to pose for him. Perhaps this comes from his belief that everyone is the same and no one is that special. He recounts an episode with Clint Eastwood, shortly after he started dating the Hollywood actor’s daughter, to prove his point, “I was in his kitchen cooking chicken at 2am and Clint walked in. So it was funny. I was like ‘Hey’. I wasn’t nervous when I met him. I don’t believe in nerves. They are all just people.”

Heather Morris

It is probably Shields no nonsense upbringing that has given him a sense of confidence. Born in Jacksonville into poverty, his father became handicapped when Shields was just 15, forcing him out into the workplace to provide for his family. He left home and started competing in extreme sports such as roller-blading and skateboarding, all to support his family back home. When he was only 17 he began to direct music videos for the rapper Ghostface Killah. When he turned 21 he realised his true love was photography and the rest as they say, is history.

X Ray of Louboutin Shoe

If you are interested in any of Tyler Shields’ photography. His works can be purchased through A Gallery.

Source I News.

Tyler Shields Self Portrait

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