Twinings launch Signature Blend Teas, including After Dinner Mint

Tea lovers, get ready to stick that kettle on pretty pronto! As our favourite tea maker Twinings have launched their Signature collection, a superb premium range of 14 classic loose leaf blends, which includes the latest edition of After Dinner Mint.

Twinings launch Signature Blend Teas, including After Dinner Mint

The speciality teas are so beautifully presented, you could give them as gifts, as they are showcased in an elegant presentation box that contains 50g of tea with an engraved silver measuring scoop, all costing £30 a box.

Each of the 14 varieties have been expertly and personally developed by the master blenders at Twinings, who draw on their years of knowledge and expertise, and the After Dinner Mint flavour has been created by senior tea and herb buyer, Jeremy Sturgess. Jeremy has worked for Twinings for 23 years, and has traveled the world in search of the perfect tea blends.

Jeremy says: “I think this range of Signature blends showcases skill of the blender as much as the ingredients. They typify what Twinings is about and what we as tea tasters and tea buyers are absolutely best at. Taking the origins, of different terrains, Northern and Southern hemisphere tea and herbs and combining them together perfectly to deliver all the subtleties, nuances and complexity in one delicious blend.”

As well as Twinings After Dinner Mint, there are 13 other fabulous flavours to try:

Zanzibar Chai / Garden Party - Loose Tea / Jasmine Bloom - Loose Tea

Zanzibar ChaiLovers of warming spice and aromatics will love this Zanzibar Chai. Fragrant spices added to an unusual blend of Rwandan black tea and Rooibos bring depth to this tea, with rich and creamy notes.

Garden Party – Loose TeaTwo fine Indian tea varieties, including a second flush Darjeeling and the Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe grade of Assam give a full bodied, malty flavour.

Jasmine Bloom – Loose TeaThe delicate perfumed blooms of Jasmine, alongside a touch of delicate rose oil, with a quality China Congou grade tea delivers an exquisite blend.

Jubilee - Loose Tea / High Mountain Green - Loose Tea / Sweet Berry Fusion - Loose Infusion

Jubilee – Loose TeaThe full bodied Yunnan is blended with Assam to add strength, smoothness and pleasant malty notes to the blend. A good quality blend, enjoyed in England for many generations

High Mountain Green – Loose TeaThe delicate bud and first adjacent leaf are picked from this famous tea town of Huang Shan in eastern China to provide a most fragrant cup of tea.

Sweet Berry Fusion – Loose InfusionFruity berries including strawberry and blueberry flavours complement the hibiscus base and a touch of caramel rounds things off and adds a lingering hint of candy sweetness.


Assam Adventure – Loose TeaPicked from the peak second flush of the Jorhat and Dibrugarh districts, where some of the very best Assams are found, this is a round and robust tea with an intense flavour.

English Morning – Loose TeaMy favourite, full-bodied, malty flavour and yet remarkably refreshing.

Oriental Garden Green – Loose TeaWith a sweet aroma of peaches and apricots, this tea has been crafted with a blend of leaves for a lasting mellow sweetness.

Assam Adventure - Loose Tea / English Morning - Loose Tea /Oriental Garden Green - Loose Tea

Sublime Camomile – Loose InfusionAn infusion made only from whole dried camomile flowers to provide a wonderfully calming infusion that is caffeine free.

After Dinner Mint – Loose InfusionA refreshing, palate-cleansing brew, light in colour and character, a great way to complete a truly enjoyable meal.

Perfect Afternoon – Loose TeaA blend that includes Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon to provide a highly original tea with a subtle interplay between the different flavours.

Sublime Camomile - Loose Infusion / After Dinner Mint - Loose Infusion / Perfect Afternoon - Loose Tea

Delicate Darjeeling – Loose TeaThe ‘Champagne of teas’, a delicate blend, with a pale golden hue and a delicate floral aroma. A lively and refreshing tea.

Earl Grey Citrus – Loose Tea Adding the subtle tones of bergamont and grapefruit to high quality Keemun leaves from Anhui Province in Eastern China bring give a smooth, lightly smoky note.

For more information visit Twinings.co.uk

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