Twinings Launch new Herbal Sensations

Twinings have been slowly unveiling their new Sensations range, one by one, over the last few weeks. And now, the world knows about all three lovely flavours: Double Mint Sensation, Camomile & Maple Sensation and Lime and Ginger Sensation. What a treat! This range takes inspiration from some of Twinings existing blends, but they’re all about maximum taste. Each one really does have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. And every pack has a beautiful, vibrant quilling design – this intricate craft was the perfect way to bring to life the complexity of these new blends.

So, if you’d like to taste one – for the very first time – you’ll be pleased to hear that you can now get them online. And for a limited time only, they are offering free delivery if you buy every flavour using the code: TwiningsFriends. So get your hands on the new sensations – plus free postage if you buy them all!

Twinings Double Mint Sensation – £2.29 x 20 teabags

A tongue-tingling trip into mint heaven awaits. We’ve boosted the fresh, intense flavour of tender peppermint leaves by adding mint oil. So kick back, relax and allow that lively menthol zing to swirl around your senses that little bit longer. Naturally caffeine free, this blend is the ideal after-dinner treat.

Twinings Double Mint Sensation - £2.29 x 20 teabags

Twinings Camomile & Maple Sensation – £2.29 x 20 teabags

A soothing amble into sweet indulgence. We’ve intensified the delicate, honeyed taste of camomile with the toasted richness of maple flavour. Then added a hint of vanilla flavour for a warm, velvety finish. It’s a wonderfully seductive combination. This special blend is perfect when you want a moment to kick back and relax.

Twinings Camomile & Maple Sensation - £2.29 x 20 teabags

Twinings Lime & Ginger Sensation – £2.29 x 20 teabags

Zingy and zesty with capital ‘Z’. Experience the warm, spicy tingle of ginger followed by the fresh, fragrant zap of lime peel, lime flowers and tangerine flavour. You’ll be reviving and refreshing your senses with every sip. Naturally caffeine free, you can enjoy its lively taste any time of day.

Twinings Lime & Ginger Sensation - £2.29 x 20 teabags


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