Twinings Launch New Green Tea Range

Twinings Launch New Green Tea Range

You may associate Twinings with fruit teas, teas from China and herbal teas but now they have launched a new green tea range, with 13 different flavours. And they are all boxed up in brand new packaging with a contemporary and modern design. They have their best ever Pure Green Tea, as well as a number of blends bursting with exciting natural fruit combinations.

If you are new to Green Tea, then try their great tasting Light and Delicate Pure Green Tea – it’s exactly that, light, fresh, and packed full of antioxidants. Alternatively, if you are a dedicated Green Tea lover, why not pour a cup of their best ever tasting Pure Green Tea, as well as a whole range of brand new flavours to explore; from Tangerine and Verbena to Mango and Lychee, Twinings have Green Tea blends with ingredients from across the globe; truly exotic. Why not find out what Philippa Thacker, Senior Tea Buyer for Twinings Tea, has to say about Green Tea and dispel those Green Tea Myths that we’ve all heard. Watch the video now by going to the Twinings website. And if you know all about Green Tea and can’t wait to try these exciting new blends, then here are some to tempt you in the meantime:

Twinings Pure Green Tea

Pure Green Tea – £1.45 for 20 Teabags

Twinings Pure Green Tea – Springtime signals the first flush of our pure green tea. As dawn breaks and the dewy mist hangs in the air, the first buds and leaves are picked to lock in the fresh green flavour. Gentle sencha steaming and pan firing brings a light, toasty flavour to the tea, for a cleaner, more refreshing taste. Once given as a precious gift in China, let this gentle tasting blend be a gift from us to you.

Green Earl Grey Tea – £1.39 for 20 Teabags

Twinings Green Earl Grey Tea
Twinings Green Earl Grey Tea. The story goes that Earl Grey was given cases of tea by a Chinese mandarin. He liked it so much, he asked Twinings to recreate it for his family. And we have done ever since. For this infusion, we’ve taken the Earl’s tea back to its Chinese roots. It’s a delicate blend of green tea leaves with the citrus, bergamot flavour of Earl Grey. A match made in heaven.
Orange & Lotus Flower Green Tea

Orange & Lotus Flower Green Tea – £1.39 for 20 Teabags

Twinings Orange and Lotus Flower Green Tea. Lotus flowers are a symbol of the sun.  Their beautiful, fragrant petals unfurl each day at the break of dawn to reveal a pure and inner glow.  We’ve blended hints of this delicate flower with a zesty, sun kissed orange flavour, creating a delicately refreshing oriental tea, a favourite in China.

Apple & Pear Green Tea – £1.39 for 20 Teabags

Apple & Pear Green Tea
Twinings Apple and Pear Green Tea – China and England have each done their bit to make tea famous; inspiring us to create a blend where east meets west. We’ve taken two English favourites, crisp apple and sweet pear and blended them together with this light tasting, golden green tea. Each cup will take you from an autumn orchard to the tea gardens of Zhejiang province in one sip. This is currently available on Pre-Order for despatch in February. Be the first to receive yours by ordering now.
A New Year A New You Flavoured Tea Set

A New Year A New You Flavoured Tea Set – £10.50 for 4 x Teas and 1 X Bag

Why not try our Flavoured Green Teas, Lemon Green Tea, Orange and Lotus Flower Green Tea, Cranberry Green Tea and get a FREE box of Pineapple and Grapefruit Green Tea and our handy little Tea Tips book – all of which come in a smart reusable Twinings “Gets You Back To You” bag. We have an amazing range of flavoured green teas to tantalise your tastebuds.  Why not delve into this bag full of flavoured green teas, and discover something completely new to start on your journey to a New Year, a New You.

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