Twinings Create New Royal Wedding Tea to Commemorate Kate and William’s First Anniversary

Now what happened last year on April 29 2011? I remember it was something quite important in the Royal calender and we all had a day off. It was of course, the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William and to celebrate their one year anniversary, Twinings Teas have created a new tea, especially for their customers.

Cast your minds back a year ago, when the whole world were literally holding their breath, waiting to see the first glimpse of that wedding dress, the couples first kiss on the balcony, that awful hat Princess Beatrice wore! Well, she did at least auction it off for charity. But now one year has passed and Twinings wished to say a Very Happy First Anniversary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and to give them their congratulations.

With this in mind, they decided to celebrate the first anniversary of the Royal Wedding by creating the ‘Commemorative Blend’, specifically made for the occasion and becoming hugely popular today.

It is a delightfully light White Tea blended with real rose and just a hint of bergamot and now, they are offering a fantastic anniversary deal – 2 Royal Wedding Commemorative Blend caddies, packed full of your favourite tea, for just £10. Buy yours now by following this link and clicking the plus sign for 2 caddies.

This new Twinings Royal Wedding tea, has been developed by their master blenders and is a wonderful White Earl Grey with Rose Petal. All you need to do is just brew this tea for 1 minute, it’s perfect without milk (but nobody will worry if you add a drop of milk, depending on your taste).

The colour is a light amber with lovely fragrant rose notes. The Royal Wedding commemorative blend tea is available in 20 envelopes in a Black commemorative tin tea caddy – something to remind you of this special occasion in years to come. It is also available as a single envelope at 20p each, for your Twinings wooden tea caddies.
Twinings Royal Wedding Tea

Twinings Royal Wedding Tea – £6.00

White Earl Grey Tea – one caddy containing 20 envelopes of tea. Just like black and green tea, white tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. In early spring, unopened buds and select leaves are picked and then lightly steamed to stop fermentation and slowly dried. Because of this small amount of processing, white tea contains more nutrients than green or black teas, the result – a very pale, straw-coloured liqour and a delicate flavour closely related to the original tea leaf. Twinings Tea part of the Ethical Tea Partnership. Buy here.
Royal Wedding Teapot & Tea Gift Set

Royal Wedding Teapot & Tea Gift Set – £26.50

One red and white spotty teapot from London Pottery perfect for 4 cups of tea. The globe teapot is good for Twinings loose tea, tea infusions and Twinings tea bags.

One packet of Russian Caravan Loose Tea

This exotic blend name orginates from the 18th century camel caravans that facilitated the transcontinental tea trade, from tea-producing areas to Russia. This particular blend is from the Keemun County in Anhui Province and is black, wiry tea which produces a black, amber liquor. It’s easy on the palate and makes a lovely breakfast tea – a wake up call and treat for the taste buds.

One free Royal Wedding Tea

In a carton containing 20 teabags – Twinings launched the Royal Wedding blend espically to celebrate the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Our master blenders here at Twinings developed a wonderful light tea, which is a White Earl Grey Tea with light flavours of Rose Petal. Best served without milk (although, that’s our choice, you are welcome to add a drop of milk according to your taste), this bright, sparkling amber coloured tea is perfect for a tea party. Buy here.

One free Royal Wedding Tea

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