12 Best Presents for Coffee Lovers

We all know that certain someone who simply has to have their coffee fix before they can get going in the morning. In fact, some people border on obsession when it comes to caffeine, and couldn’t go a day with a hit. If you have a family member, friend or partner that loves the silky smooth taste of a great cup of coffee and want to buy them something special for Christmas, look no further. We have compiled a list of the best presents for the coffee lovers in your life.

Bookman Cup Holder - $31

If your recipient also loves to cycle this present ticks two boxes at once. A cup holder for a bicycle. You can turn the holder over and use the smaller size to fit a smaller sized cup. Available in black, white, red and green.

From: bookman.se

Coffee Cup LED Light Desk Table Lamp - $15

This is a bit special present for the coffee lover! A quirky lamp that uses a USB cord or AAA batteries to light up your desktop. Guaranteed to get your fellow office workers talking!

From: fancy.com

Thermos 16 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug - $25.95

Everyone needs a thermal flask if they are a proper coffee drinker, and this one from Thermos is arguably the best present for the coffee lover. It keeps hot drinks hot for 5 hours and cold for 9 hours. The lid is BPA free and there’s a built- in tea hook for tea bags or most loose leaf infusers. 16 ounce capacity.

From: amazon.com

French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle - $35.00

With this French press you get all the natural oils that are usually filtered out with other methods of making coffee to give a much richer and deeper flavour that is creamy and intense.

From: amazon.com

minibru Coffee Press Mug - $49.00

For all those singletons out there that still want great coffee, this is a great present for the coffee lover. All you do is fill up the cup with ground coffee, then pour in hot water. Leave to brew for a few minutes then push down the filter cylinder and your coffee is made.

From: amazon.com

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder - $130

Hand-grinding your coffee beans can be such a chore every morning right? Now you don’t have to with this electrical coffee machine that grinds from medium to course for whatever brew you require.

From: amazon.com

Edible Doilies – 8 Rosettes for $14.40

These are pretty and taste amazingly good as well! Little flower doilies that you simply place on top of your coffee and then dissolve into the drink. They are made from sugar and will melt in a couple of minutes, giving you enough time to wow your guests.

From: etsy.com

Blue Bottle Travel Coffee Kit – $179 weekender kit

Blue Bottle are renowned in the coffee industry for sourcing the best coffee, so this travel pack will come as no surprise that it is full of everything you need to maintain your caffeine habit. Contains a miniature hand grinder, a dripper, two enamel tumblers and filters.

From: bluebottlecoffee.com

Friis 16 Ounce Coffee Vault - $16

No one likes the taste of stale coffee and true coffee lovers probably don’t leave it hanging about for long. But to preserve the flavour of good coffee you need an airtight jar, much like this one from Friis. It holds a whopping 16 ounces of your ground or whole bean coffee and vents out all the damaging CO2 gases, making sure your coffee is as fresh as the day you put it in there.

From: amazon.com

Muuto Push Coffee Maker - $91.95

If you don’t like glass and metal press coffee makers, this one from Muuto is a stylish alternative. The body is stoneware with a sturdy plastic lid and the grip is beech wood. A great contemporary Nordic design.

From: finnishdesignshop.com

3D latte maker Awatachino White - $26.62

3D lattes are all the rage on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. If you have been wondering how they make them, wonder no more. This is an aerating tool that whips up milk and forms it into magical shapes.

From: amazon.com

  • Mazama Mugs – $42

Mazama Mugs - $42

Coffee doesn’t taste right in take-out paper cups, so a good mug is essential to capture the perfect blend of roasted beans and frothed milk. These mugs from Mazama are stoneware mugs which are a favourite amongst coffee drinkers as they are the perfect size and weight to hold your coffee.

From: shopmazama.com

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