Twelve of the Best Christmas Puddings 2017

Christmas Puddings

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a sticky Christmas pudding for afters. Even when you are full up you still manage a slice with a dollop of brandy butter or cream. These days you can get Christmas puddings in all sorts of shapes and flavours, with hidden treats inside and unusual concoctions.

For your serving information, Christmas puddings that weigh around the 220g mark are suitable for one person, 450g will be enough for four and 900g will serve 8.

We have tasted a whole range of Christmas puddings to bring you the twelve best available:

Heston from Waitrose Hidden Clementine – £3.50 for 227g

Christmas Puddings

Just enough for one serving, this is a juicy pudding with just the right amount of citrus clementine inside, so if you love the taste of candied fruit this is perfect. Very rich and full of vine fruits that have been infused by the oils of the candied fruit.

From: waitrose.com

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Cognac Laced 18 Month Matured Christmas Pudding – £5 for 450g

Christmas Puddings

If you are after a traditional Christmas pudding that has no fancy hidden bits, no sauces spilling out, just looks and tastes homemade then this is the one for you. An aged pudding where the vine fruits have been soaking for 18 months and you can really tell, a lovely boozy hit!

From: sainsburys.co.uk

The Lakeland Christmas Pudding – £5.69 for 454g

Christmas Puddings

This is Lakeland’s traditional pud made to a 100 year old recipe and still going strong. Packed with vine fruits and using Irish stout and French brandy to add a real kick, lovely and moist.

From: Lakeland.co.uk

Iceland Luxury Christmas Pudding with a Brandy Sauce Centre – £6 for 907g

Christmas Puddings

If you love brandy sauce then you’ll certainly love this Christmas pudding, as it has a brandy sauce centre that oozes out when cooked. With a kick of cider that gives a fruity twang, this is great value.

From: Iceland.co.uk

Aldi Specially Selected Golden Topped Christmas Pudding – £7.99 for 907g

Christmas Puddings

Winner of Good Housekeeping’s Taste Tests, this is a super sticky pudding made with cherries, pecans, juicy vine fruits and orange liqueur, port, stout, brandy and topped with gorgeous orange slices, red cherries and a golden glitter sparkle.

From: aldi.co.uk

Morrisons Pedro Ximenez Sherry & Pear Christmas Pudding – £8.00 for 800g

Christmas Puddings

This is something special, a quince and pear sauce centre with vine fruits that have been drenched in cider, sherry and brandy. We love the sticky centre and the deep rich pudding.

From: groceries.morrisons.com

Lidl Deluxe 24 Month Matured Christmas Pudding – £11.99 for 907g

Christmas Puddings

With vine fruits that have been soaked in Amontillado Sherry, French brandy, and Guyanese Caribbean Rum for 24 months, this is a very boozy pudding indeed. Apparently Lidl enlisted the help of the world’s oldest Christmas pudding makers to produce this delight.

From: lidl.co.uk

Selfridges Selection Traditional Christmas Pudding – £11.99 for 450g

Christmas Puddings

Made using methods and recipes found from the Selfridges Household Encyclopaedia from 1929, this pudding contains juicy raisins, plump cherries, orange peel and cranberries. Nice crunch from the almonds and pecans.

From: Selfridges.com

Marks & Spencer The Collection 9-Month Matured Intensely Fruity Christmas Pudding – £12.00 for 907g

Christmas Puddings

Made using an exclusive recipe known only to a special few at M&S, this pudding is bursting with juicy vine fruits and cherries that have been soaked in brandy, Cognac, port and stout.

From: marksandspencer.com

Heston from Waitrose Persian Spiced Christmas Pudding – £14 for 800g

Christmas Puddings

A gold-dusted pudding here that contains some unusual ingredients for a Christmas pud, including Persian spices, apricots, pomegranate liqueur, pistachios and caramelised orange and a  honey and rose butter centre. Buy it for the smell alone.

From: waitrose.com

Tesco Finest Mulled Pear Christmas Pudding – £20 for 1.2kg

Christmas Puddings

Covered in shimmering glace cherries full of syrupy goodness and be the first to taste the mulled wine-soaked pear at the centre. Lovely citrus taste and not too sweet.

From: tesco.com

Georgie Porgie’s Puddings Traditional Christmas Pudding – from £3.50 – £28.50

Christmas Puddings

Finally, if you want to send Christmas puddings as gifts then this one is made using a traditional recipe, an you can choose which size pudding your order as they range from 142g for a single serving or couples right up to 2268g which serves 15-18 people. Using a combination of juicy currants, sultanas and raisins al soaked in brandy and rum. Comes beautifully wrapped so perfect for a gift.

From: georgieporgiespuddings.co.uk

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