Twelve of the Best Cake Tins for all your baking needs

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If you have been inspired by the new series of the Great British Bake Off, now established firmly over on Channel 4, and quite like the addition of Noel Fielding and Pure Leith, then you might want to update your cake tins.

For those who dream of the special Paul Hollywood handshake, given out by the way on this series far too soon we think, here are twelve of the best cake tins for you to practise with.

Who knows? Perhaps we might see you on the next series?

Waitrose Cooking Non-Stick Round Spring Form Cake Tin – £8.00

cake tins

If you are not sure of the term ‘spring form’, all it means is that the cake tin has removable sides. The side is made up of an adjustable strip of metal that can be tightened or loosened with a buckle on the side. This is a great staple tin that is non-stick and measures 23cm x 7cm.

From: waitrose.com

Marks & Spencer 20cm Non-Stick Deep Round Cake Tin – £9.50

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This is the perfect cake tin for those deep fruit cakes that you make for Christmas. Comes with a heavy non-stick coating and an easy-release base. A real durable tin that will lasts for ages.

From: marksandspencer.com

Wilton Fanci Fill 22cm 2 pc cake tin / pan set – £9.95

cake tins

Bake Off fans will know that the showstopper cakes they have to bake at the end of the day need to be spectacular to get you through to the next round. This cake tin makes cakes with a definite wow factor, as you can now fill the inside with mousse, butter-icing, or even a different cake mixture colour, thanks to the mould of the tin. It is non-stick and also comes with a recipe book to give you ideas.

From: cake-stuff.com

Mary Berry with Lakeland 20cm Sandwich Tin – £9.99

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What Mary Berry doesn’t know about cakes you don’t need to know, simple as. Mary has collaborated with Lakeland, surely the kings of catalogue baking items, and designed a set of bakeware including this standard sandwich cake tin. Ideally you would buy two to make a lovely Victoria Sandwich cake, and these are designed to last as they are made from durable, non-stick carbon steel.

From: Lakeland.co.uk

Wham 9 Inch Layer Cake Pan Set 4 Pieces – £10.00

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If you have seen those amazing rainbow cakes with four layers and wondered how easy it would be to create one yourself, then this set of sandwich tins should give you plenty of practise. You get four sandwich cake tins that allow you to put different coloured cake batter into each one to create your masterpiece. Dishwasher safe and made from non-stick 0.3 gauge steel.

From: hobbycraft.co.uk

Mary Berry with Lakeland Tray Bake – £10.99

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Mary Berry again, with this fabulous tray bake cake tin that measures a hefty 12” x 9”, large enough for a family of four. Releases food easily thanks to the non-stick coating and features cutting guides to ensure everyone gets an equal portion.

From: Lakeland.co.uk

Tala Performance 23cm Non Stick Bundt Tin – £11.95

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Bundt cakes are becoming all the rage, thanks to the GGBO, and you can now make them easily with this Bundt cake tin. It has a double layered non-stick coating which makes it super-easy for the cakes to come out without sticking to the mould. Made from commercial steel that washes well and is durable.

From: tesco.com

Marks & Spencer Square Cake Tin 23cm – £12.50

cake tins

Marks & Spencer are renowned for great quality, and this cake tin is no exception. It comes with a premium non-stick coating that makes turning out cakes really easy and it washes up well too.

From: marksandspencer.com

Silicone Muffin Tray – £12.95

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If you want those deep, American-style muffins then this cake tin will suit you perfectly. It is our only silicone cake tin, but if you haven’t used silicone before don’t worry, it doesn’t melt in the oven :) The great thing about this tray is that you don’t need to grease it before use, as you simply flex the tray to release the cakes. Measurements are 345mm x 265mm and you get 12 individual muffins.

From: souschef.co.uk

John Lewis Professional Loose Base Flan Tin 23cm – £14.00

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This is not so much a cake tin but a flan tin that you can use to bake sweet or savoury flans. Your bake will come out easily thanks to the loose bottom and the sides are fluted which give a lovely shape to the pastry.

From: johnlewis.com

Le Creuset Loaf Tin – £16.50

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This is a great bargain as it normally retails for over twenty pounds. Perfect for loaf cakes or bread, it is super versatile as you can also use it for pates and terrines. Features a non-stick coating for easy release and comes with heat-resistant silicone side grips so that you don’t burn yourself when you are getting it out of the oven.

From: go-electrical.co.uk

Silverwood Delia Swiss Roll Tin – £16.75


This is part of a range commissioned by Delia Smith for her book, ‘Delia’s Cakes’. Silverwood cake tins have a great reputation in the catering industry and are made from anodised aluminium which provides excellent heat distribution and you’ll find that these cake tins do not rust.

From: ocado.com

NordicWare Nordic cake pops baking pan – £28.00

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Cake Pops are the latest foodie fad to take over the country and are being baked for any event from weddings to birthday parties. The cake tin comes in two parts so you get halves of cake balls which you can then sandwich together to make the cake pops.

From: Selfridges.com

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