Tweet Pee – The nappy that Tweets you when baby needs a change

TweetPee picWe all know Twitter can be a bastion of the inane, with users tweeting about the most banal aspects of their lives.

But a nappy manufacturer has taken things to the extreme. Kimberly-Clark, which makes personal hygiene products, including the Huggies nappy brand, has created a little device that fits on the front of nappies, sending parents a tweet when it senses that their little one needs a change.

Named the Tweet Pee, the little bird-shaped gizmo clips onto the front of baby’s nappy, or diaper.  When it detects a change in humidity, it then alerts mum or dad by sending a pre-set message to their Twitter account, letting them know they need to get the baby wipes out. Parents can then decide whether to retweet the message to their followers.

A companion app tracks the number nappies used so parents can make sure they put enough on the weekly shopping list.

TweetPee Huggies says the Tweet Pee is both comfortable and safe, that it can be easily moved from nappy to nappy and that messages can be sent to anyone who has the permission to receive them.

The first to speak on behalf of babies who have not yet learned to talk, the new service isn’t the only one that provides a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.

Other services include a dog bowl that sends out alerts if man’s best friend happens to run out of water.

We just hope parents choose not to go for the re-tweet option. After all, already studies are showing that young people are finding it difficult to enter, or remain, in the job market as a result of social networking.

Recent research from McAfee revealed 20 per cent of web users said they were aware of someone who had been made redundant as a result of postings on social media networks.

The study found that one in 10 workers and job seekers had been asked by prospective employers about messages or images on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.TweetPee picture

We’re sure once they hit adulthood, they don’t want their boss being able to see just how many times they needed a nappy change.

The Tweet Pee has been developed for Huggies by the Brazilian branch of Ogilvy, an international advertising, marketing and public relations agency.

At the moment, the gizmo is being tested by parents in Brazil. Huggies says it is so far “intended merely as a concept device” that it does not intend to make available for wider purchase.

The Tweet Pee has already come in for some criticism, with one tech forum user saying: “What a wonderful way to take more of the parenting out of parenting.”

But the company insisted it was not “suggesting parents are unable or too busy to notice when their babies’ diapers need changing.”

So, for now, unless you speak Portuguese, you’ll simply have to make do with keeping track of whether junior needs a change the old-fashioned way.

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