Turning Your Conservatory into the Perfect Combination of Garden and Home

Conservatories can offer a lovely room that combines the best of your garden with the best of being indoors. But for many people, the conservatory turns into a non-room that is so lacklustre in decoration that it is never used. Find out how to decorate your conservatory in such a way as to maximise your enjoyment of this wonderful part of your home.

When decorating inside the home people often focus heavily on the walls, which are obviously not present in a conservatory. However, you have something better; windows all over the place! Keep your garden in lovely shape and you’ll have a wonderful view that will change with the seasons, unlike any colour you could paint onto conventional walls.

Are there unsightly things visible from your conservatory? A hedge can mask a multitude of sins, and you can count on privet and other types of hedging to grow reasonably fast. Alternatively, a higher fence may do the trick. If you dislike the fence you currently have, it’s well worth having it replaced or simply giving it a lick of paint to enhance its appeal. In winter, some outdoor lights can help bring some of the magic of Christmas into your garden and, by extension, your conservatory. Just remember that anything you do to your garden will affect your conservatory, and a plainly well-maintained lawn is a big step towards a nice-looking relaxation spot behind glass.

In a conservatory, you’re a bit more at the mercy of the elements than you are in a conventional room. This means preparing for the worst of the weather; be sure you have heating options for winter and cooling options for summer. A simple space heater and a fan will do, but extending your central heating system may prove a cheaper method over time.

Furniture is the final step to making your conservatory into a lovely space to spend time in. The floor can often get very cold, so make sure you have a nice warm rug in there to prevent cold toes. If you plan to have a television in the conservatory, placement will be important. If the windows are reflected in the screen, you’ll find it difficult to watch the telly when the sun is out.

Comfortable sofas or chairs are a must – you’ll want to relax in this room and comfort is imperative to relaxation. A mini refrigerator is often tempting to prevent yourself from having to walk to the kitchen constantly, but it isn’t as essential as many people think and the hum of the mini-fridge can be annoying. A few picture frames atop the coffee table or bookshelf will help bring some of your family’s spirit into the room and make everyone feel welcome.

Conservatories are often ignored as an integral part of the home, and it’s a pity as they can be an amazing space allowing the whole family to relax and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors the whole year round. Pay careful attention to your decorating scheme and you’ll be able to get the most out of this wonderful addition to your house.

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