Tulisa Launches New Perfume – The Female Boss

It has become her signature move every Saturday and Sunday night and fans either adore it or find it a tad cringe worthy. I’m talking of course about the arm gesture that Tulisa from the X Factor uses with a now customary wink attached when she greets the fans on the live shows.

Eagle eyed viewers will have noticed a tattoo on her right arm which says ‘The Female Boss’, which is the name of her new perfume, launched last month. But complaints have flooded in that Tulisa is taking advantage of the show by flashing the tattoo and effectively endorsing it every weekend for free.

The matter is being investigated by Ofcom as stars are not allowed to promote their own brands or products they represent on programmes that they appear on.

It seems that someone has already had a word with Tulisa as on Sunday nights show she merely waved at the crowd in a long-sleeved dress smiling as usual.

This may not be the end of the matter however as on the spin-off show – the Xtra Factor, she made several references to her perfume and described her arm gesture and they even showed a clip of it. All this just after the spat with Kelly Rowland as well! Simon Cowell will not be happy.

For those interested in smelling like Tulisa here is what she says about The Female Boss and where you can buy it. “I wanted a fragrance that I could relate to. Something powerful without losing it’s girlieness, I wanted to be able to wear it day and night.

This fragrance will really give the girls the confidence to show those boys who is boss!” The fragrance contains top notes of Freesia, Gardenia and Spice Accord blend with Heart notes of Jasmine, Rose and Peach and Base notes of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Moss, Vanilla, Amber and Musks for a floral sweetness with a spicy punch that puts you in charge.

The Female Boss is available now as 50ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum. Buy from www.semichem.co.uk for £12.95 for the 50ml bottle.

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