Tulisa gets a £12,000 smile ready for the launch of X Factor

With the new series of X Factor launching on Saturday night, one of the judges, Tulisa from N-Dubz, has spent £12,000 on a

Tulisa from N-Dubz

Tulisa from N-Dubz

new smile.

Following in the footsteps of previous judge Cheryl Cole, who previously spent money on teeth veneers before the show, Tulisa now has a sparkling white smile.

As a result of now being in the public eye a lot more, Tulisa was said to be conscious of her teeth as they were not perfectly aligned like other stars’. With X Factor just around the corner, she thought it’d be the perfect time to spend money on her appearance, and it’s not only herself splashing out money on how she looks, as show bosses have supposedly put about £70,000 aside to kit her out in numerous designer dresses. Is she going to become a carbon copy of Cheryl Cole? It certainly looks like it as she now has the same hairstyle as her, too.

X Factor launches on Saturday night, with its eighth series. The new line up of judges includes Gary Barlow and Kelly Rowland, as well as long-standing judge Louis Walsh. However, it’s not just the judging panel that’s been revamped, but the boot camp part of the show too. It looks as though viewers will now be able to watch longer episodes of X Factor, as more of the boot camp stage will be filmed. There are also rumours that Big Brother style cameras will film the contestants every move, such as what they get up to in the house they stay in.

With X Factor and Big Brother on our screens for the foreseeable future, I’ll definitely be glued to the television, in a bid to keep up with all the going-ons. It’ll be interesting to see whether the new judging panel can re-ignite the shows popularity, as if not we may find ourselves watching the final series of X Factor, which would be a real shame.

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