Tricks To Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

It seems that every month your electricity bill keeps getting higher and higher even when you are using your home’s electricity less and less. Heating and cooling of your home can have the biggest impact in your energy bill, and in some places it is impossible to go without them. You wish that you could change the way you use electricity, but you have tried and nothing seems to work. The good news is that yes there are ways that you can reduce your monthly bill and the changes can be made on the cheap, and without much difference in your daily habits. Without much effort you can get a monthly electricity bill that is lower than what it is today.

Good Habits

 There are small things that you may be doing today that can be changed and will have an impact on the electricity bill. For example, you may be leaving your outdoor lights on. That may be useful for someone who comes home late at night or to keep undesirables outside of your property, but the same can be accomplished with a motion sensor. The motion sensor will turn on the lights when it senses movement in a specific area. That not only will save you money, but it may be even more effective than leaving the lights on the whole night. Someone who is not supposed to be there suddenly has a light turned on them and they will not want to stay around to investigate.

A Tree Will Reduce Your Bill In The Summer

A tree in your property does not only look good, but it can also save you in your energy bill. It has nothing to do with going outside and sitting under the shade of your tree, instead it means that the location of your tree as it relates to your home can save you a lot of money. The concept is the same as it would be if you were lying under the tree. If you are in the shade, then you automatically feel cooler and the same is true for your home. If your home is under a tree’s shade then it will be cooler and that translates into less use of your air conditioner, and the air conditioner is one of the energy hungry appliances in your home. Reduce its use and you will reduce your bill.

Paint It White

The new movement to paint roofs white is called the “Cool Movement” and it is with good reason. A white roof can cut your energy bill a lot in the summer. The reason for the cost cutting with a white roof is that the color white absorbs less heat than dark colors. How much can they really save you? Well on average in the summer a white roof will translate into 20 degrees less inside. So if it is a hundred degrees outside, you can expect to have your home be around 80. That is a huge difference that makes the air conditioner work a lot less to get to your desired temperature.

Vampire Appliances

Appliances that consume energy even when they are not being used are referred to as vampire appliances. The reason for that nick name is that they suck up energy when you think they are off. Vampire appliances include DVD and Blue Ray players some TVs, Microwave ovens or anything with a clock that stays on while the appliance itself is off. The way to reduce your energy bill with vampire appliances is to unplug them, or connect them to a surge protector and then turning that surge protector off when you leave the house. Do these things plus other energy-saving things such as changing your light bulbs to energy-efficient ones and you will reduce your bill by a lot of money.

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