Travel Sickness Remedies Explored.

Couple travelling by shipFor people who deal with travel sickness, long car journeys or plane rides can be the stuff of nightmares.Nothing is quite as discomfiting as the motion sickness associated with sitting in a moving vehicle, be it a car, a plane, a bus or a boat. Even trains can make your stomach swim and your last meal feel like it might want to make a reappearance!

When it comes to remedies, there are so many available it’s hard to know which to buy. To add to the confusion, some of the remedies available work for some, but not all sufferers, so you have to go and try them and work out what will do the trick for you. A concise explanation of the options available may help you make your choice.

Candied ginger, ginger beer, and other ginger-related products (up to and including ginger snaps and ginger pills) canGinger help settle an upset stomach. Unfortunately, they don’t actually do anything about the source of your discomfort, so you need to be consuming ginger pretty much throughout your journey for the effect to last. Additionally, ginger doesn’t work for everybody, so you’ll have to try it out and see if it works for you.

Acupressure sounds like rubbish, but some people report noticeable success with the wrist brands that exercise pressure on a pressure point on the wrists to suppress nausea. They are even recommended to pregnant women to help with morning sickness during the first trimester and come in a variety of sizes, including children’s sizes for your seasick tots.

Tranquillisers of various strengths and types, ranging from prescription medication to Rescue Remedy and similar alternative medicines, can help calm you down. Whether or not they work against motion sickness is debatable; many people report sleeping through the journey, which of course helps to cope with the nausea. It is, however, unclear whether they have an effect on travel sickness beyond promoting sleep.

scopolamineFinally, there is scopolamine, which can come in either a transdermal patch or a pill. In large doses, it is a dangerous substance, but in the minute doses used for travel sickness cures it isn’t a concern. This drug has been shown to be effective for most, if not all people. Bayer’s Kwells are a good example of the pill form, where you let the tablet dissolve in your mouth before setting off and can count on a journey without motion sickness.

So next time you set off on a trip, don’t spend your time concerned that you’ll be miserable; there is a wide array of options out there, and some of them are bound to work for you!

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