Travel essentials

Are you about to go on holiday but worried you’re going to forget something? Whether you’re off to somewhere that’s just a short car journey away, or a plane journey, use this handy list to make sure you don’t leave behind something you should have taken.

  • Passport– you’d be surprised of the amount of people who forget their passport, sometimes not even realising until it’s too late to go back and get it. Along with your passport, make sure you’ve got all the information with you that you need, such as your hotel voucher, plane tickets/confirmation, and transfer details.
  • Visa– make sure you find out whether you need a visa to be allowed into the country you’re visiting. This is something that is brought and paid for separately, and not usually offered when you book the holiday. Buying this at the last minute could prove expensive, so save your money by being organised.
  • Plugs– ensure you don’t arrive at your hotel abroad to find you can’t plug in your phone charger, hairdryer or straighteners. Check beforehand that the country you’re visiting uses the same plug connections as the one you live in. Although these could be brought out there, they will be more expensive, as it’ll only be tourists buying them.
  • Suntan and sunglasses- if you’re going somewhere hot, whether the coast or a tropical country, suntan is essential to ensure you don’t burn your skin, consequently causing you future skin damage. Sunglasses should also be worn, as the suns rays are extremely strong, and can cause a significant amount of damage to your eyes.
  • Foreign currency- whilst it’s easier to take cash abroad, it’s one the most dangerous options, as if it’s stolen, it’s very unlikely it’ll ever be returned. Instead, transfer money to a currency card, so if it’s stolen, your money is protected. This is a far safer way to carry around your holiday cash.
  • Warm/cool clothes- wherever you visit for your holiday, it’s a good idea to take both warm and cool clothes with you, just incase the weather changes. When going abroad, hot weather is pretty much guaranteed, but aeroplanes are air-conditioned, so take a cardigan or jumper to keep yourself warm. Additionally, take a few bits of summer clothing with you if you’re visiting somewhere cold- if there’s a hot day you don’t want to boil.

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