Travel Abroad with Impunity

If you have a serious lifestyle disease such as diabetes or heart problems, you may be reluctant to travel abroad for fear of not being able to get adequate health care. You may also not be sure how the local cuisine will impact on your dietary requirements. With a little bit of extra care, you can enjoy a fun holiday abroad.

Consult the Experts

First and foremost, speak to your doctor. Explain where you want to go and when you plan on going. Your doctor will be able to advise you on what, if any, extra precautions you should take. Your doctor will also be able to give you a quick once over to make sure that everything is okay before you leave. If you have to take prescription medication with you, ask your doctor for a copy of the prescription so that you can prove that the medication is with you for medical reasons and not recreational ones.

Ask your pharmacist what the best way to transport the medication is. (This is especially important where the medication needs to be refrigerated.) Speak to your travel agent and specify your health conditions. They will be able to advise you on what kind of care you can expect in an emergency. Consider taking additional health insurance and be sure to notify the company of pre-existing conditions. It may cost you more upfront but will be better than having a claim declined when the company finds out that you did not inform them of a pre-existing condition.

Special Dietary Requirements

Following your diet whilst on holiday may be less fun but is something that can be accomplished. Speak to your tour operator about special dietary requirements if meals are included in your package. If meals are not included, speak to your tour operator or the hotel concierge for advice on where to eat whilst abroad.

Enjoy your Holiday Responsibly

Be responsible on your holiday. If you have a weak heart, do not go on a five hour hike up the side of a mountain. In this case, discretion is most definitely the better part of valour. If you approach your holiday with a great deal of common sense and plan carefully, you can enjoy a holiday abroad, no matter what your health needs.

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