How to Transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall

The changing of the seasons between summer and fall can be a tricky one fashion-wise. Some days can be still warm enough to walk around in a tee shirt and shorts, but others can feel quite chilly.

It is those awkward in-between temperatures that cause us stress. Do we pack away our entire summer wardrobe now and switch immediately to warmer knits and knee length boots? Or can we still get some use out of our summer clothes?

We think so. With some clever transitional pieces, you can mix up your summer wardrobe and style it out right through to the end of autumn. From layering to additional extras, we have every tip to make the most out of your summer clothes, whether it’s for a casual day out, or a more formal occasion.


Image: Jacqueline Harriet

Image: Jacqueline Harriet

Tops are pretty easy to extend into fall. If they are loose enough, pop a tight-fitting skinny top on underneath for added warmth. If they are not, make the silhouette more interesting by layering over with a long sleeved of sheer or chiffon material that will just keep the chill off.



Dresses that are perfect in the summer tend to be either strapless or with cap sleeves and with bright colours. Mute the hues with accessories of fall. Pick a colour from the dress in browns, olives, greens or golds, or emphasise the neutral shades in the shoes and bags. Add a shrug or short peplum jacket in black for cooler nights.


Olivia Palermo: Courtesy - All for Fashion

Olivia Palermo: Courtesy – All for Fashion

Shorts are always associated with summer, but all you have to do to make them fall-ready is to add a pair of opaque black tights. Not only does this keep your legs warm, but it’s a great way for those of us who haven’t the confidence to get our legs out, without revealing too much. Keep the shoes flat or stick to Dr Marten styles or platforms. NO boots!


Image courtesy: Best for Fashion

Image courtesy: Best for Fashion

Bright trousers in the summer go hand in hand with ice cream and beach holidays. But a pair of bright, colour popping slacks can look out of place in fall’s berry and copper hued tones. Make your autumn friendly by ramping up the monotones with classy accessories such as a black blazer or silk blouse.


Leggings are definitely your friend in the fall. They can add an extra dimension to a beach dress, provide layering to a long tunic top, and give lighter materials a little more wear. By adding a pair of leggings, you are giving your summer clothes an added extension.


Image: Jacqueline Harriet

Image: Jacqueline Harriet

Crisp, white clothes are synonymous with summer, but you don’t have to pack them away once the sun has gone down. Keep them in play by teaming them with gorgeous beiges and earth-toned separates. Mix a white summer dress with a pair of straw coloured leggings or team a white combo outfit with copper knitwear and gold accessories.


Were Capes made for fall surely? What other coat can be slung over the head, giving ample room for the arms, making it not too hot to wear and just cool enough? It is the ideal solution to a cooler evening without the full commitment of a coat. Choose in different materials from knitted to woven and drape as necessary.



A gillet is another item of clothing that is ideal for fall. Keeping your middle warm when the temperature drops a tad, it can also look edgy and be a statement piece, depending on the material. Choose fake fur to take your outfit to a new level of interest.

Fall is all about layering, and this is where knitwear comes into its own. A long, sleeveless cardigan or pullover can make all the difference between catching a chill and catching some looks.


Image courtesy: Best Fashion

Image courtesy: Best Fashion

A lightweight denim jacket should be a staple item in every person’s wardrobe. It is perfect for cooler evenings in the summer, but great also for that sharp drop in temperature at the start of some fall mornings. Leather jackets can also start to make an appearance at this time of year. Super for fall layering.