Transformulas Eye Gel a Winner for Elizabeth Hurley

She is undoubtably one of the world’s most beautiful women and shows no sign of growing old gracefully, and perhaps now we can see why, as Elizabeth Hurley has professed to be an ardent fan of a specific £30 a tube eye gel. The award winning eye gel from Transformulas have just released a new and advanced formula which has set industry experts and specialists buzzing. In trials, a whopping 90% of users were said to have shown a reduction in wrinkles and the eye gel is now being dubbed the ‘wake me up wonder’ and the ‘no needle in a tube’.

The Transformulas eye gel, currently being sold in Boots for £29.95, has proved to be so popular, that it has a waiting list of over 8,845 but thankfully for waiting customers, new stock arrived in the country yesterday. The eye gel works in two ways; on tired and puffy eyes by tightening up and firming the skin around them with the cooling gel, adding moisture to rehydrate, and by tackling the signs of anti ageing by combatting fine lines and wrinkles. It is also said to be beneficial for eyes that are strained by staring at a computer for too long or ‘party’ eyes, and providing an instant uplifting effect. This is how it works:

The peptides in this revolutionary biotechnological treatment – a combination of plant extracts and hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin – form a thin film over the skin to lock in moisture, smooth out fine lines and improve elasticity. This is called phytodermina lifting and the immediate results help tighten eye bags, smooth-out fine lines and puffiness – restoring eyes to a firmer, fresher, brighter and more radiant, youthful appearance. At last you can enjoy a semi-permanent alternative to surgery that gives fantastic results, in minutes, with no high cost or drastic measures. With regular daily use the results will improve and become longer lasting. That’s why it’s often called an “eyelift in a tube.” In tests, where Eye Gel was applied to pre-cleansed make-up free skin, three times per day, for 30 days:

  • 90% felt the eye gel smoothed fine lines and wrinkles.
  • 70% saw improved skin softness.
  • 70% felt puffiness around the eyes was reduced.
  • 100% felt the cooling soothing effect of the eye gel.
  • and 80% said they would continue using the eye gel.

… active peptide formulation creates an instant lift

… plumps out lines and wrinkles

… forms a thin elastic film over the skin to lock in moisture.

… reduces cell inflammation

… the lift effect lasts up to eight hours and improves the condition of the eye area.

Transformulas founder, Rosi Chapman said, “The Transformulas Eye Gel really is one of our biggest successes, and customers just cannot get enough of this treatment that gives visibly instant and longer term anti-ageing results. The new formulation is even more effective and will work hard to repair the advanced signs of ageing such as deep lines, wrinkles and under eye bags that appear around the delicate eye area.” The Transformulas eye gel contains a mixture of beech tree bud, Kigelia Africana extract, peptides and anti-oxidants which work to repair the delicate and thinner skin around the eye by creating more elasticity which help in reducing fine lines and wrinnkles. Other active ingredients in the eye gel have healing and cooling properties which are beneficial in adding moisture and firming skin.

Transformulas Eye Gel is now available in 10ml bottles for £29.95 at Boots, but if they have sold out, you can also buy the eye gel at the main Transformulas website.

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