Transform Your Office Space with NigispeN

There is nothing worse than a home or office space that is so boring and uncreative, it drains you and leaves you uninspired. Inject some Dutch positivity into your space and make it a vibrant and vivacious environment to work in with NigispeN. NigispeN is a new Dutch brand for domestic furniture, lighting and accessories. Under the Art Direction of Richard Hutten, Ngispen’s products already feature in several museums all over the world – a sure sign of their outstanding design quality. The NigispeN ethos is that with everything it designs and produces, it wishes to make a positive contribution to the environment in which people live and work. Their mission statement – A better Life at Work – is put to practice by Gispen’s core values: Innovation, Design and Quality. Values that have always been the foundation as well as the distinction of the company, since 1916. The fourth core value, which has become increasingly important, is sustainability. We have picked out some of their more innovative and creative products to highlight for you:

Blaster Chair – Designer: James Irvine, 2011

In the words of James Irvine: NgispeN is a company which seems to want to enjoy itself. If I think about furniture to enjoy I think about those wonderful time wasting moments in life. Those moments when you want to do nothing. Maybe just spin around and let time drift by. Maybe wait for someone to come up and say hello. So I thought of a cone sitting on another cone and where the two cones meet they rotate. Then I realised it looked a bit like the nozzle of a rocket engine so I gave the chair the name “Blaster”.

Histograms Fauteuil – Designer: Fabio Novembre, 2008

Fabio Novembre about Histograms: “In statistics, a histogram is a graphical display of tabulated frequencies. I was trying to convert it in an abstraction of comfort, shaping diagrams under human frequencies. In design history there’s also a precedent research by Superstudio in 1971 called “Istogrammi di architettura”, and the connection to the spirit of that time was quite inspirational to me. The word histogram is derived from Greek: histos ‘anything set upright’ (as the masts of a ship, the bar of a loom, or the vertical bars of a histogram); gramma ‘drawing, record, writing’. I used histograms as a tool to design an alternative domestic landscape.”

Layers Table – Designer: Richard Hutten, 2008

Richard Hutten: ‘The idea started with the books. The layers provide the form, because the legs and the top are literally layered, but the books provide the contents derived from all the stories which make up the table, whereby the choice of books also determines what the table has to say to you. The Layers is the opposite of polished goldedged design. For Gispen, we chose to produce the Layers table entirely in steel layers. The form is identical, but the new choice of material makes it totally different.’

Leaves – Designer: Richard Hutten, 2008

Gispen has taken Richard Hutten’s design in production in the strong conviction that the magnetic leaves can make life a whole lot more fun. Richard Hutten: “It is indeed a very simple solution – a piece of plastic with a strong lithium magnet. That is really all it is. And the good thing about it is that it is not only great for covering ugly ceilings. You can do so much more with it. The very minute we opened the box with the first hundreds of prototypes everyone here in the studio was playing with it. And gradually you see them appear on more and more objects and places, like they really grow. Even in my own home things are getting covered by them and if you think about it the possibilities are almost limitless. The good thing is also that people think they’re fun, they love to play with them”.

Lowres Elephant – Designer: Richard Hutten, 2007

The Lowres Elephant is both a stool and a decoration object at the same time. When Richard Hutten was asked to furnish a room 25 metres in height as a nursery, he took his inspiration from the objects he came across in the bedroom of his own two sons. In the midst of all their toys, he found a small white toy elephant, which fascinated him. He liked it so much that he set to work immediately. Hutten magnified it and assigned it the simultaneous function of lamp and stool. If you ask Huttenwhat the strength of this design is, he will reply: ‘It will cheer you up.’ The playful design of Lowres Elephant is typical of Huttens’ style of design. Available with or without light.

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