Trakline: The new style belt for men means no more holes!

Can you reinvent something that is as firmly established in the clothing world as a belt? Well one company thinks so and we have to say, it’s a pretty cool design. Trakline is the new style belt for men that eliminates the need for holes, instead it employs a unique trak system that creates the perfect fit, every time.


The way Trakline belts work is that you simply pull the belt around your waist, and wherever the belt feels comfortable for you, you then snap the buckle shut and it locks firmly at your exact waist size. Trakline belts are easy to remove as well, you just pull a small tab under the buckle and it is unlocked.

What we love about Trakline belts is that each belt fits to your exact waist size, every time you put it on. So if you are having a fat day, there is no need to punch an extra hole to give you a little more breathing space, just pop on a Trakline belt and fit it to your exact waist size.


Our weight naturally fluctuates through the month, and as traditional belts are only manufactured with five standard holes, you are quite restricted size wise unless you are prepared to modify your belts.

Trakline belts are designed without the holes which have been replaced with a simple, more effective trak system. This trak system is 10 inches long and sewn into the back of the belt, so it is completely hidden from sight. The final touch is the patent pending buckle, which is designed to interface with the trak system and allows the wearer over 40 sizing positions, all in 1/4 inch increments. That gives you a whopping eight times more sizing placements than a standard belt.


The entrepreneurs behind Trakline have launched the belts on the crowd-funding site KickStarter, as they need funds to enable them to go into production and get the belts manufactured. Karl Kozak, who launched the project, has had an amazing response, with 3,340 people backing the project, generating a fund of $253,345. Pretty impressive stuff when his original goal was just $14,750.

The belts will retail at around $89, but to reward everyone who has backed the campaign, they will be offered via the KickStarter site for only $59. You’ll also get free shipping within the U.S and only a basic charge of $15 for International destinations outside the U.S.


The Trakline belts come with 4 buckle styles (Icon, Intrepid, Evolve & Eureka) and 2 belt colors (black or brown). The belts measure 1 3/8 inches (35mm) wide and are made to fit through most jean or dress pant loops. All Trakline belts fit all waist sizes UP TO 44 inches (118 cm), so they are ideal as gifts for male friends and relatives. And the good news is that in the near future there will be even larger sizes available and a woman’s style belt also.

Trakline have also printed various waist sizes on the back of their belts to show you exactly where you should trim your belt to create your very own custom fit. Once you have trimmed your belt you can then snap the trimmed end securely into the buckle. Genius.


The KickStarter campaign ends in three days, and once it does production of Trakline bets will start immediately on the first orders. The company founders estimate that the manufacturing process should take between 30-40 days to complete, and once the production is completed, the belts will be shipped to the Trakline office in San Diego, California. From there, individual orders will be processed and sent out.

If you think the Trakline belt is a great and want to be involved in the funding, check out the campaign on KickStarter.

To find out more about the company visit their website Trakline.com.

Pictures copyright: Trakline.

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