Traditional Scents in Modern Fragrances

Perhaps when the economy is in free fall, or on a downwards turn, such as we find ourselves at present, people look back to nostalgia and crave the things of the past, where they felt most secure. This certainly appears to be true of fragrances, as classic scents such as the English Bluebell and Lily of the Valley are enjoying a remarkable revival on the market these days. Customers seem to be shunning ultra modern packaging and celebrity endorsed products, preferring instead to take a trip down memory lane and rediscover the scents of their youth. And Emily Maben agrees, “When times are tough, we find comfort in the past. We look back in search of reassurance and sometimes a much-needed injection of glamour.” It would look as if we have taken this to heart as many traditional perfumes are topping the best seller lists and we are now reaching for the more understated perfumes and searching for our beloved British classics. Here are some of our favourites but with a modern twist.

Jo Malone – Wild Bluebell Cologne – £36 – 30ml

Bluebells are my all time favourite flower but I have never yet found a scent that captures that freshly picked smell, until now. Expert perfumer – Jo Malone has created this new fragrance that evokes a morning walk in the woods, carpeted with bluebells underfoot. But she has added a new twist of lush persimmon, lily of the valley and eglantine that gives it a deliciously dewy scent. This cologne drenches the skin with the delicate scent of bluebells. Gorgeous. To buy visit www.jomalone.co.uk

Willow Rose & Sandalwood Bath Oil – £34 100ml

Don’t you find that the problem with roses these days is that they have lost their scent? Well bring back your memory and smell them again with this perfect, luxurious gift. The precious organic oil will fragrance your bath or smooth your damp skin and moisturizer it with a silky sheen. The 100ml Luxury Organic Bath Oil is presented in glass cubique bottle with a gorgeous round silk ribboned box. The oil is available in 4 delightful fragrances to suit every mood. To buy visit

Marks & Spencer Floral Collection: Lily of the Valley – Talcum Powder – £3 250ml

Do you know I can never find talcum powder anymore? Don’t shops stock it like they used to? Anyway, these gorgeous little flowers have been used since the Middle Ages and are still popular today. With their delicate fragrance, this hand and body lotion is also enriched with shea butter which not only smells lush but helps to condition and nourish your skin, leaving it beautifully scented, soft and smooth. Also available in hand cream, shower gel and hand wash and other fragrances. To buy visit www.marksandspencer.com

Roger & Gallet Lavender Soap x 3 – £13.50

Roger & Gallet have the knack of encapsulating the very essence of a scent and strengthening it until you believe you are smelling the real thing. Their Lavande Royale soap offers the natural charm of a sunny, springtime fragrance. The lavender harmony, with its vibrant, expansive freshness, is revealed in the head notes with the citrus, floral facets (mandarin orange and geranium). The subtle harmony of spice of the heart, blends spontaneously with the richness of wood and musk (cedar, benzoin and vanilla). To buy visit www.garden.co.uk

Yardley April Violets – £14.99 125ml

Violets always remind me of our holidays in Cornwall where I used to see the familiar small, round green and purple bottles with a purple ribbon and usually a Cornish pixie adorning the top! This is altogether a more grown-up scent – a fresh and sensual floral with fresh, green violets leaves, citrus and geranium top notes, with a heart of parma violets, iris, jasmine, ylang and tuberose and warm vanilla base notes. This scent was discontinued but Yardley bought it back last year as part of their Winter range. To buy visit www.ebay.co.uk and find yourself a bargain.

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