Tortoiseshell Hair (Ecaille) replaces Ombre as hot new trend for 2014

It’s unlikely that Cheryl Cole is behind the style times, when it comes to beauty trends, but on the day she revealed her new ombre locks, via an Instagram picture, the word in the beauty salons is all about a brand new trend, and it’s a lot more subtle. Gone are the dramatic double colour blocking of dip dye hues, banished are the splashlights that shone so brightly for a couple of months, now the look is as soft as the dappled autumnal sunshine through a leafy forest.

Jessica Alba © Getty

Jessica Alba © Getty

Think gorgeous mottled hues of tortoiseshells in all manner of browns, beiges, gorgeous shades that have been sun-kissed by nature itself. And are we pleased? You bet! There was something weird about the dip dye ombre look, like it looked as if we didn’t care that our highlights had grown out. I for one hated the drab mousey brown at the roots, and you couldn’t rely on box colorants for the look, it had to be done in a salon, which meant the trend was priced out for us ordinary folks.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind spending money in a salon, but not for a style that is meant to look as if I haven’t bothered spending money on my hair for about four months! If I’m paying good money for a hair coloring job, I want colour veiling, I want bright banging gorgeous eye-catching colour that people will notice, don’t you?

Alexa Chung © Getty

Alexa Chung © Getty

Celebrities with Tortoiseshell (Ecaille) style

But back to the topic, the more subtle and mottled manes of the tortoiseshell style is quickly becoming a fast favourite with celebrities, both in the UK and the US, as actresses such as Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, presenter Alexa Chung and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have all been snapped wearing the new hair trend.

Founder of Tortoiseshell (Ecaille) style

The new tortoiseshell style, know as Ecaille (ecaille is tortoiseshell in French) was created by colorant specialist Jo Hansford, right after London Fashion Week, and fellow Senior Colorist Jaclyn Smith says: “Ecaille is a healthy and glossy update for ombre fans of those who felt it was too stark for their style. Ecaille gives hair a soft, multi-tonal look without any harsh lines to compliment your natural tones.”

Ecaille Hair color features

The main difference between ombre and the new Ecaille style is that whereas ombre was more a two colour, messy surfers look, Ecaille features many more shades and tones, and the hair is finished with a much glossier look, making it appear shiny and healthier.

Sarah Jessica Parker © Getty

Sarah Jessica Parker © Getty

And the great thing about the tortoiseshell styling is that it will suit all complexions, as the natural color-rich shades will warm any skin tones. Blondes can go for a Winter Blitz Lights treatment or Color Voila which is ideal for a skin pick me up, whilst brunettes can opt for a warming chocolate hues or Ecaille Matte teamed with a blurry ash, which will add cool undertones.

So if you are fed up with seeing that bedraggled ombre style, so prevalent this summer, or think that splash-lights trend was fine if you were a celebrity, and are looking for a great looking autumn hair style, we think this tortoiseshell is going to be huge for a few seasons to come.

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