Top Toddler Toys

Toddlers can be surprisingly hard to shop for; while they are often happy with a cardboard box or other mundane object, you want to buy them something they’ll enjoy on its own merit and not look tight for just going to your local Aldi and getting a pile of boxes! But what sort of toys do toddlers really enjoy?

There are so many different toys aimed at this age group, and many of them are very involved, not to mention expensive. Additionally, toddlers are prone to fickleness, and some toys that seem amazing to adults can strike a toddler as absolutely boring. You certainly don’t want to spend a fortune on a pile of plastic that will never be enjoyed by the intended recipient!

The best toys for toddlers are simple ones. Soft toys, balls, blocks, Duplo… Things that allow them to use their imaginations. A toy that tends to get surprisingly good receptions is the cube you often find at doctor’s offices or other types of waiting rooms. With a different activity on each of five faces, these cubes provide a variety of things to do and play with, and can help improve hand-eye coordination as well.

Educational toys can be fabulous, but try to ensure the toy you get is quite versatile. A range of settings of increasing difficulty is ideal, as it allows the toy to grow alongside the child and will promote learning at every level. Colours, letters and numbers are good elements for educational toys, but toys centring on a set of characters from a much-beloved television show can help with hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and pattern recognition, too.

Vehicular toys such as scooters, tricycles and pedal cars have been popular since time out of mind, and there is a reason for that. Becoming mobile, in a variety of ways, is a central part of growing up, and most toddlers love sailing along on a scooter, in a wagon or atop a tricycle. Many toys like this, especially tricycles, come with handles so that the accompanying adult can steer and control them from behind, making transportation easier and more fun at the same time.

Buying the right toy is a rewarding experience, but toddlers are not as difficult to buy for as it may seem. If you keep it simple and bear the child’s past tastes in mind, you too can be the star of the party with a gift the toddler in question will enjoy for years to come.

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