Top Ten Diets that actually Work!

It’s a New Year and for many of us, that means a new diet. But which one should we invest our time and money on? There are hundreds out there to choose from, including ones that focus on personality, with celebrity backing, even scientific-based.

So which ones scores the maximum points when it comes to recognition from the experts?

We looked at all kinds of weight loss plans to see which performed well time and time again to create our top ten diets.

1. Weight Watchers


Without a doubt, the name that keeps coming out on top over and over again is Weight Watchers. The easy-to-follow eating plan, coupled with group support and celebrity fans such as Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson, and Jenny McCarthy made it stand out.

Their frozen food range has also proved to be a big hit. They now have included a new online platform for ‘points’ tracking, making it easier than ever to keep watching what you eat.

2. Rosemary Conley 


If you want to lose weight sensibly and at a regular and sustainable pace, Rosemary is your girl. This diet follows a plan of low-fat, low-GI foods with regular exercise; the best way to lose weight. There is a club with tips on how to lose weight and exercises to suit any level of fitness and age.

This plan is designed to help to get the weight off and keep it off by changing to a healthier lifestyle. Great for a longer term weight loss management.

3. South Beach


When a former US President uses a diet to lose fat and it works, you know you’re on to a winner. Originally developed for heart patients, Bill Clinton dropped his beer belly using the South Beach diet before his surgery. This one works by allowing you high protein, low-carb meals and is particularly good for shedding pounds quickly.

It’s great for those who need to see some quick weight loss for encouragement.

4. The Mediterranean Diet


People from the Mediterranean are renowned for living longer, having healthier hearts, and generally enjoying better health. You don’t have to live in the area to live like one. Eat like an Italian by adding touches of the Mediterranean to your diet.

Lots of extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, pasta, fresh fish, peppers and vegetables. Oh and the odd glass of red wine won’t go amiss.

5. The 5:2

There is robust scientific evidence to suggest that intermittent fasting (IF) can actually help prevent diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. This diet works on the theory that you eat as normal for five days and then fast on the other two.

This is a good plan for some people as you only have to stick to the regime for two days out of seven. But the restricted days means that you may experience dizziness, headaches, dehydration and sleep problems, so pick these days carefully.

6. Palaeolithic


Eating like our cavemen ancestors might seem like a constant invite to dozens of barbeques, but it’s not that exciting. The Palaeolithic diet consists of going back to nature and eating unprocessed, whole foods, un-touched by man.

Its mantra is to take the diner back to “how you were designed to eat” by concentrating on whole foods, fats, raw foods and no cereals.

7. Volumetrics


This diet focuses on food with a larger volume but fewer calories, so think hearty soup, filling smoothies, large salads. There is good scientific evidence to back this diet up, with research showing our stomachs stay fuller for longer if we eat a soup or drink a smoothie, rather than a dinner with water.

This plan also concentrates on whole foods and veggies that are packed with goodness and fibres.

8. Body for Life 


A diet that focuses on muscle building may not seem the obvious place to start, but this diet involves lifting weights whilst dieting. Evidence suggests that this combination helps to preserve the lean muscle whilst reducing body fat.

The good thing about this diet is that you are less likely to put the weight back on in later life.

9. The Ornish Diet


A vegetarian diet now that came to the attention of the public via the programme Forks Over Knives. This diet takes vegetables, whole grains and fruits to give a healthy vitamin packed diet that is free from meat.

It plays on the founder and popular spokesperson Dr Dean Ornish, who help to share the success stories of his followers.

10. The Kind Diet


Finally, created by actress and vegan Alicia Silverstone, this strict diet does not use any animal products in it at all. It uses a wide range of whole foods that are nutritious and healthy.

Alicia herself credits it for her glowing skin and gorgeous hair.

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