Top summer shorts for men

Can you think of any other season besides summer when wearing shorts is fun? Well, summer is the perfect time to get into shorts. There are so many options when it comes to shorts. Different men have different preferences in stylish, fabric and length. Some like it short while others prefer three quarters.

bermuda shorts

bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts

I’m more of a Bermuda short guy. A Bermuda short ends just around the knee length. Apparently, it is believed that Bermuda shorts originated with the British Army as a summer wear in desert climates. There are many types of Bermuda shorts and if you are looking for something easy-going and relaxed fit with some style then you cannot miss the Bermuda shorts plaid.

Heading for the beaches in Florida or California then this has to be a part of your luggage. The length of a Bermuda short plaid, I believe, is just appropriate. Although Bermuda shorts are unisex, the number of men wearing them is increasing by the day. Unlike their plain shorts counterparts, a Bermuda short plaid offer more style.

This is another reason why the women be attracted to in the crowd!  Bermuda shorts are perfect for a weekend getaway by the pool or beach. They are also an excellent and comfortable wear for canoeing, water sports and swimming.

Cargo shorts

Cargo shorts

Cargo Shorts

Another great buy this summer season can be cargo shorts. If you are not in a mood for any adventure water sports and just want to laze around with a book and some wine then try slipping in cargo shorts. It is excellent to relax while enjoying the sun in a cargo shorts.

You can wear a pair of cargo shorts to neighborhood barbeque parties, a baseball game or even a quick smoothie with friends at a near-by joint. Cargo shorts have large pockets and you can fill in stuff as much as you can. Cargo shorts are best for long trips, trekking and are often considered as multipurpose pair of shorts.

Most men who have a field job or work under the sun also prefer a cargo short. The word itself describes the space available in its pockets. It was not until recently that men of all ages started wearing shorts. I recommend them if you intend to go on vacation especially safaris.

Pleated shorts

Pleated shorts

Pleated Shorts

Finally, if you have a large social circle and are in mood to go play golf, try something new this time – the pleated shorts. Pleated shorts are pretty much like a smart casual cotton trouser except that it is a pair of shorts. The pleated shorts are mostly worn or perhaps suitable for a more corporate informal setting.

Most men who play golf prefer pleated shorts because they are not too used to wearing other kinds of shorts. A white or brown should be just fine with a belt that goes with the footwear. Pleated shorts were first used by the royal families of Britain. The trend then moved onto different parts of the world.

Another important point is that a pair of pleated shorts can be worn only with a collared tee shirt. Wearing a pair of pleated shorts with a round neck of a shirt will not only jeopardize your appearance but leave a bad taste.

Gym Shorts

Then there are gym shorts that are recommended when you are ready to sweat it out at the gym. Gym shorts are usually of tight fits and are made of a different fabric. Gym shorts do not absorb sweat and is made of stretchable material. This helps in exercising, running and jogging. It has been over three months now and I’m a regular at the gym. I can tell you there is a whole world of difference with and without the gym shorts.

Last week, one of my close friends went shopping at K-Mart and he picked up almost half a dozen Bermuda shorts. Yes, that is because he is traveling to Fiji Islands for a vacation. I’m told K-Mart has great summer collection of denims, tee shirts and shorts. While shorts are always affordable, the perfect fitting and size (in length) is rarely found. After this news, I’m off to K-Mart myself.

Summers are the best time for a lot of outdoor fun activities and you wouldn’t want to squeeze into some denim or pants in a warm weather. Now, whatever you have planned this season, shorts will leave you one thing to worry less – the comfort factor.

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