Top Kids Toys which Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Have you ever noticed that some kid’s toys never go out of fashion? When you were a child, you definitely had your favourite toys that you would always whip out when your pals came over. It’s always interesting to see which toys have survived the test of time; toys which have been crossing children’s palms for multiple decades. Here are the top kids toys which will never manage to go out of fashion; you probably didn’t have a childhood if you didn’t experience all of these!


Jenga is perhaps the only non-physical kid’s game which can cause a heart to beat up to 150 times a minute!      As a kid without a care in the world; the only stress you felt in your life was wondering if you were going to be the one to cause a tower of wooden bricks to topple to the floor.

The concept of Jenga is to build a tower of wooden blocks one-by-one. Each block is the same, equal in length and width. The first person to send the tower toppling loses and becomes ridiculed (when the adults play, the loser has to make the cups of tea for everyone). The idea for Jenga was found in Ghana, when creator Leslie Scott used to play with wooden blocks sourced from a local sawmill. Jenga was first produced in 1983.

Rounders Set

It’s the school holidays, it’s sunny and you and your family friends are at the park having a picnic….what game is whipped out after the cocktail sausages and scotch eggs have been scoffed down? No other than the rounders set! This classic bat-and-ball game dates back to the Tudor era in the 1800s where it was originally known as ‘base-ball’. Dads get competitive, sons exhibit energy like you’ve never seen before, daughters run around screaming whilst the mums are just happy to have hit the ball. Rounders is like a very easy version of baseball which is why the kids like it so much; hit the ball and run…simple, and that’s what makes it a true classic!


Another classic British kids’ outdoor sport is Swingball.  This is similar to the US version of Tetherball, where two opposing players hit a ball which is attached to a rope around a 3m high pole. A player is declared the winner when the rope is fully entwined around the pole. In the British version, the ball and pole are much smaller and thus easier to transport around. Minutes can turn into hours as kids get overly competitive in effort to try and outdo their rival.

Connect Four

If you didn’t play Connect Four as a kid then clearly you were raised in outer space. In the game of connect four, you get assigned a colour of circular disc; blue or red. The two players then proceed to drop them turn by turn into a seven column, six row vertically-suspended grid. The aim of the game is to connect four of your coloured discs together vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Established in the 1970s, rumour once had it that pop star David Bowie actually came up with the concept for the game.


Whatever age you are, Monopoly will be a game you interacted with at one point in your life. Dads tend to train their children in the ways of Monopoly, so that they have some sort of competition for themselves… or so that they don’t humiliate him when the extended family comes over for Sunday Lunch & board games. Monopoly has adapted & evolved through time in a plethora of different editions to keep the kids interesting including: Star Wars, Family Guy, Simpson and Disney to name just a few.

As you can see from these few examples, certain games will indeed survive the test of time successfully. The games that you enjoyed as a kid you will definitely want your children to enjoy too; as long as they are still around! You just wonder if Monopoly will be around in the year 3013…probably!

The author Kirsten Hendrich works for Letterbox.co.uk a company which specialise in selling modern and classic children’s toys.

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