The Top Handbag Trends of 2015

People say diamonds are a girls’ best friend but I’m not so sure. Popping your favourite handbag on your arm is like taking your bff along with you everywhere you go.

It also explains why ladies expend so much time and effort into getting the right bag. So knowing what’s hot this season and checking out what is on offer is pretty much on every serious fashionista’s mind right now.

Luckily we’ve done the homework for you, and can reveal what the experts say you should be spending your on money this year.

Here’s our pick of what will be making the catwalks and fashion shows in 2015.

Printed Bags


Printed bags, but in particular flower patterns are on trend this year. The real key to this style is that the floral print on the bag matches the dress or outfit.

The flower print is also romantic and ‘jardinière’ in style, as opposed to brash and bold.

Think natural colours and pretty motifs. Designers to watch for creating these floral bags are Fendi, Valentino, Fendi and Christian Dior.

Geometric Box Bags


In complete contrast to the relaxed shape of bucket bags, these hard-edged geometric boxes are both quirky and elegant at the same time.

Whereas last year’s box bags had cartoon figures and funky messages, this years’ are much more overstated and embellished.

If you love tons of pattern and colours head for Dolce & Gabbana, but our favourite is the Ouija board bag from Kotur.

Miniature Bags


These are not just miniature, they are super tiny. And the reason for them is to just carry the essentials, such as your credit cards, mobile phone and keys.

There are all sorts of miniature bags this season, from the overstated glamourous to the work based utility style. The great thing about these tiny bags is that you can use them as an extra accessory.

We loved the mini bags from Chloe, Giorgio Armani, Lanvin and Nina Ricci.

Carrying multiple bags


From miniature bags to multiple ones now, carrying more than one bag may seem like a chore but this trend was supposedly inspired by Rihanna. She was spotted carrying two Dior bags at once, and now carrying just one bag is just so last year.

Stick with Rihanna and don’t mix and match your designers, keep to one and make sure that you carry a larger and small one for contrast.

Multiple bag carrying was seen on several catwalks this year, including Fendi and Anya Hindmarch.

Bags that do not look like bags

Finally, here is where you can really let your imagination pop. Designers are always looking to present the weirdest and most talked about collections, and that includes handbags.

Bags naturally lend themselves to the wonderful and outrageous, and our favourites have to be the milk cartons inspired bags from Chanel, Anya Hindmarch’s crisp packet bag, and superheroes series from Stella McCartney.

You should also check out House Of Holland for their Dice clutch, and the fabulous mini collection from Kate Spade, including the fabulous balloon bag and the Chinese New Year Sheep clutch.

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