Top five iPad tips and tricks

Okay, you’ve unwrapped the brand new iPad Santa left under your Christmas tree this year. So, now what? How do you get the most out of your new gizmo? Well, here are our top tips and tricks for Apple’s popular device.

Make it safer

parental controls

If the brand new device in your household will be used by your children, then make this your first priority. Not only will it mean your little ones can’t rack up huge bills buying new apps, but you can try to make sure they aren’t looking at content that is unsuitable. It’s simple to set up Parental Controls. You just go to Settings, General and then click on Restrictions to choose which options to limit. From then on, you’ll have to type in a PIN to access the content you have restricted.


siri for ipad

We’re all used to using Apple’s intelligent voice assistant on our iPhones and it’s now arrived for the iPad too. It means you can do a host of useful things straight away. It’s another one that you access through the General menu. If you hold down the Home button for a couple seconds, Siri will activate. Then you can ask your new personal assistant whatever you want to – whether it’s where there’s an Italian restaurant near you, how to get to a friend’s house or to turn on one of the apps which come with your iPad.


ipad multi-tasking

You’ll have noticed that your new iPad hasn’t come with a huge user manual – it’s just not Apple’s style as you’ll find you pick up most things within a few minutes, after a little trial and error anyway. But there are some controls that can bypass you completely and turning on multi-tasking is one of them. Go to your General settings to switch on multi-tasking. Then, if you swipe upwards with four fingers, you’ll see the multi-tasking bar. From there you can swipe in either direction, again with four fingers, to switch apps. It makes switching between screens quicker and easier.

Easier typing

split keypad ipad

If you’re trying to write something fairly lengthy on the iPad, it can get a bit frustrating. But, if you are having trouble hitting the right keys, simply place two fingers in the middle of the keyboard and move them apart. Your keyboard will then have split into two, making typing a bit easier for you.

Do Not Disturb

do not disturb

Your gizmo will usually let you know what’s happening, as soon as it happens. It will tell you if you’ve got a new email or remind you if you’ve got something you need to tick off your to do list. But, there are times when you just want to turn on a virtual Do Not Disturb sign, if you’ve got lots of work you need to concentrate on without distractions, for example, or during the night. You can either switch it on once by going to the Settings menu and turning Do Not Disturb to On or go to Notifications so it comes on at the same time every day.

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