Top European Summer Holiday Destinations – 2011

Top European Summer Holiday Destinations

Top European Summer Holiday Destinations

Every year around the holidays everyone starts to wonder “where should we go this year that will be memorable and exciting?” Millions of people around the world begin searching online for the warmest, most popular places to visit on their holidays.

The internet can be a wonderful help in finding those special locations where you are sure to have the time of your life! In addition to that, you are also very likely to find out tons of interesting information about these popular places that you might not have previously known.


One of the most popular places to go on holiday is, none other than, Spain. This area is rich in culture and allows you to experience something new and exciting. Some of the top things to do on your holiday to Spain would include, but are in no way limited to, watching a bull fight, and checking out the popular flamenco shows. The most important thing to do during your holiday here would be to indulge in the decadent culture by experiencing the wonderful food and excellent wines that Spain has to offer.  If you’re planning on spending your holiday here the best time for you to go would probably be around June or even September.


Another of the more popular places to visit is Greece. A trip here is sure to help you unwind and discover some fine cuisine, as well as culture! If you are passionate about art, history and archaeology, Greece is sure to be right holiday destination for you. From secluded sandy beaches to historic ruins and caves, Greece has something to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a night out on the town, or a week or so with your loved ones, this is an ideal vacation for you. The best time throughout the year to visit this beloved area would be October, but you could also plan your visit for September or June as well.

Aside from these two wonderful places, there are also many other top destinations for holiday vacations. Some of these include Portugal, France, Czech Republic and, of course, South Italy,  if you’re feeling hot!  No matter where you plan your holiday this year, remember to have fun and take in everything that your destination has to offer. After all, what’s a vacation for if you can’t let loose and relax a little!

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