Our Top Emergency Christmas Gifts 2014

If you are anything like me you’ll get all your Christmas shopping done and then wake up on Christmas Day and remember loads of people that you’ve forgotten to buy gifts for.

This has happened so many times in the past that now I have a drawer of emergency presents that I buy in anticipation of a forgotten relative or an unexpected guest. And if you’re wondering how I know if they are suitable for men or women? I tag the ladies gifts with pink or red ribbons and the guys with blue or green.

The key to buying emergency gifts is to keep the theme fairly generic, so think along the lines of bath gift sets, funky art prints, functional key chains or scented candles.

Here’s what we found:

LUSH Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar – $7.95 – lushusa.com

Everyone loves Lush right? And sticking to a Christmas theme makes this gift even more fabulous. Like the bath bombs, just crumble this bubble bar under the tap to smell orange flower and bergamot-scented heaven, then relax in the Sicilian mandarin and lemon oils.

Ban.do Art Print – $18.00 – shopbando.com

This art work is ideal for anyone who works from home or who needs to jazz up their work space or dorm room at college. It’s all ready to hang so no fuss required, just bang in a nail and voila! Measures 8” x 10”.

Snow Mix by Pappa Bubble – $10 – mouth.com

This is a perfect gift for someone who has a sweet tooth. These cute little sweets taste of clove and peppermint, and their cooling mint flavour is matched by the snowflake design. Every sweet is made by hand.

Campfire Incense – Douglas Fir – $10 – juniperridge.com


A great gift for guys here, this campfire incense will take your man back to his camping days with his dad when men where men and guys bonded over beans and tall tales. Made with natural plants, there’s 20 sticks in a pack

Tote Bag – A Clockwork Orange – $14.40 – outofprintclothing.com

This bag will draw attention wherever you shop! Made from 100% cotton canvas and featuring the artwork from David Pelham’s A Clockwork Orange. Measures 13.5″ w x 14″ h with a 10″ strap.

Key Chain in Camo – $24.00 – needsupply.com

This is one key chain that is built to stand the rigours of everyday life. Made by DSPTCH, the military-grade hand-braided key chain is made from 550 Type II Paracord and stainless steel hardware.

JAO Staycation Pak in Cloth Bag – $11 – theline.com

For ladies that love to travel but need to take their essential beauty regime skincare products with them, Jao’s multi-tasking, unisex products come in this handy travel size. They are mini versions of her most popular products: hand refreshers, lip balm and a skin softner.

Teavana Perfectea Maker – $19.95 – teavana.com

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This is a must have item for any tea lovers on your gift list. The tea maker makes the perfect cup of tea, just add tea and water at the correct temperature, and then put the tea maker onto a cup or mug. The patented drain mechanism does the rest to ensure a great cuppa.

Rothko Touchscreen Gloves – $29.00 – shop.verloopknits.com

If you know someone who is addicted to their touchscreen device, even in the cold weather, then check these gloves out. Designed to work with touchscreen devices, the thumb, index and middle fingertips are made from nano-metallic conductive yarn which lets you swipe as you would with your fingers. Made from 100% Soft Acrylic with 11 colors to choose from!

Fur Evil Eye Keychain – $35.00 – etienneaigner.com

Gorgeous key chain here for the ladies that not only holds your keys for safe keeping but also keeps you safe against evil spirits (if you believe in that sort of thing). The evil eye is considered to be a good luck charm in some countries but we just love the brass pupil set against white leather surrounded by fur trim eyelashes in blue.

Jo Malone – Lime Basil & Mandarin Body & Hand Wash – $25 – jomalone.com

If you are going to get a scent then you can’t go wrong with Jo Malone, and this is her signature fragrance, considered to be a modern classic. Lathers with luxurious bubbles while the scent revitalises and refreshes the skin.

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