The Top Dog Calming Products For Bonfire Night

Dog Calming Products

Around about this time of year it’s not just dogs that get anxious about fireworks but dog owners too. As an owner of two retrievers I can honestly tell you that the lead up to Bonfire Night is a complete nightmare, with fireworks being let off seemingly at all times of the day and night with no regard to humans or animals.

There are dog calming products and ways that you can ease the atmosphere in your house, making it feel like a safe environment for your dogs.

Ways to calm your dog during Bonfire Night:

Make sure the dog has had a good and long walk, as this relieves tension and anxiety and they will be tired when it comes to the evening.

Shut all the curtains and windows and if your dog wants to go to his or her special bed then let them.

Turn the TV or music up louder than usual in order to drown out some of the loud bangs and noises.

If your dog starts to whine or tremble, don’t overly placate them, act as is there’s nothing to worry about, so say in a matter-of-fact way something like ‘Oh it’s just fireworks, nothing to worry about.’

You might find from previous experience that none of these techniques work, in which case you may have to resort to dog calming products to help your mutts.

Top dog calming products:

Pooch And Mutt Natural Treats Calm And Relax – £2.69

Dog Calming Products These treats contain the calming ingredients such as chamomile and l-tryptophan which is important for the brain to help it produce serotonin. Perfect to reward your dog if they can remain relaxed or before a stressful event is about to occur, such as fireworks or a visit to the vets.


Pet Remedy Mini Calming Spray 15ml – £5.49

Dog Calming Products

This calming spray contains a special blend of valerian, a calming herb that is used by both animals and humans as a relaxant. You just spray a few times on your dog’s fur or skin and you can even spray a bit on yourself to control your pet if they feel anxious or aggressive on a walk.


Serene-um Drops – £5.50

Dog Calming Products

These drops are great for dogs, cats and other small animals if they are anxious or aggressive. Simply add a few drops into your pets’ food or water and use to calm and soothe anxious animals in stressful events such as bonfire night, thunderstorms or visits to the vets.


Adaptil Express Tablets x 40 – £22.40

Dog Calming Products

These tablets work really fast and are perfect if a sudden stressful event happens out of the blue where you could not prepare for it. A great temporary and quick solution.


Adaptil Diffuser For Dogs – £27.99

Dog Calming Products

This diffuser contains a natural canine pheromone that occurs in dogs and appeases them, helping them to calm down and stop fearful behaviour. Plug it in where the dog spends most of their time and expect around 4 weeks use.


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