Top Christmas Presents for Dad 2014

When I used to ask my dad what he wanted for Christmas he always answered ‘A pound of pork sausages’ (true story). Obviously you’ll want to get your dear old dad something a little more memorable than a bunch of bangers, but if you’re struggling, check out our gift guide. There’s high tech gadgets, gastronomic goodies, novelty fun items and a host more. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to bookmark our Top Christmas Present for Him and Her.


All dads love their gadgets, whether it’s the latest technology or retro old school, so decide which camp your dad falls into and then choose accordingly. For modern dad, how about this Astell & Kern AK100 portable audio player? This little hi-fi features up to 24 Bit / 192 kHz playback of high resolution audio files. It has an expandable memory which allows you to take your entire music collection with you. Costs $699.


Buying clothes for guys can be a bit of a no-go area, but dads are different, they are required by law to wear whatever their children or wives purchase for them. So why not have some fun? We found some great tee shirts on Not On The High Street that dads will love, for instance the Four Candles motif from The Two Ronnies, but our favourite is this set of tee shirts Set of Oak and Acorn Tee Shirts, featuring an acorn on the smaller tee shirt and an oak tree on the larger one for $54.41.


Personalized gifts tend to go down well with ladies, but dads appreciate them too. Stay away from jewelry and keep it honest and from the heart. We like maps charting personal journeys, or printed canvasses depicting characteristics, like this All About Him Print for $29.99. Add your personal message (up to 45 characters) to the text already printed.


Buying booze is a pretty good bet for dads, but its Christmas guys so let’s get a little festive! Choose liqueurs or spirits with added flavours to get that seasonal touch. This Some Like It Hot Cinnamon Whiskey infusion lets you create your very own 500 ML bottle of spirits in just a few days. Just add the sugar and spice mixture to your favourite bourbon or rye and wait! Costs $35.


If you are planning to go down the gourmet food route, steer clear of fancy cakes, biscuits or chocolates. Men love meat, and the more processed the better, so salami, cured meats or bacon should be top of your list. Our pick of the bunch is this Bacon of the Month Club, which ships not one but two packages of different flavours of gourmet bacon to your door once a month. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving and your dad will love it! Costs $145.95


I always buy my dad a book he can read in the toilet; one that he can just pick up and flip through at any page and have a little chuckle to himself. There are a few good books that fit this remit, but my favourite is this “Farts Around the World: A Spotter’s Guide” by August O’Phwinn. It answers all those questions you ever had about the proper etiquette for farting, and some pretty impressive science ones too. It also tackles farting philosophy – If a meditating Buddhist passes gas, does it exist? Features a clever unit to help emulate the sounds of global farts. Hours of fun. Costs $15.95.

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