Top Beauty Secrets You Can Find in Your Shopping Bag

Does it annoy you when you buy a make up or beauty product, specifically designed to do one thing and one thing only, then you find it does not work? Like stay on lipstick that comes off with one air kiss to your friends, or a skin pore minimising treatment that leaves your pores wider than a Los Angeles freeway? Well be prepared to be wowed as I tip out my shopping bag and show you ordinary everyday items that do exactly what they say on the can, except to different parts of your body and in various divergent ways. All perfectly safe to use in these ways I’m sure. But just in case I’m not sure, there will be an ineligible disclaimer, in extremely small text, posted somewhere within this article. Here we are, the beauty products you can find in your shopping bag!


Pepto-Bismol is meant to quell those grumblings you have in your stomach, ease heartburn and stop acid from forming and travelling back up your throat. But did you know that a certain ingredient in it can also help to minimise your pores? Just smooth a little of the bright pink super miracle liquid over your skin as a mask, and leave it for a couple of minutes. Here the active ingredient, bismuth subsalicylate, will dry out the grease and oil on your skin and close up those pesky and troublesome pores that make your complexion such a problem area. The active ingredient is actually an antibacterial and has exfoliant properties that are similar to salicylic acid, however, if you have mature or very dry skin it can have quite a drying effect so use with caution and only as a temporary measure.

Cellulite Gel

Is your face looking a little tired and, dare I say it – saggy of late? If you know how cellulite gels work you’ll wonder why you haven’t used these products before on your face. To get rid of a sagging chin and jowls, simpy rub a little of the cellulite gel along the entire jawline and instantly, the caffeine-rich cellulite cream will act as a diuretic and suck the water right out of any puffy or saggy areas. You’ll probably only notice the effect for three or four hours, but it’s a great temporary fix if you have to attend a party or special do. Make sure you only use the gel on your jawline and keep it well away from your eyes.

Visine Eye Drops

Do you suffer from red patches or acne flare ups, just before a big event? Leave the concealer in your handbag and instead reach for your eye drops. Yes, you heard me! This is one of Hollywoods’ best worst kept secrets and make up artists to the stars always have a bottle in their make up bags. The way Visine eye drops work is that they are a vasoconstrictor, which means they shrink blood vessels, so using eye drops not only helps with red spots and patches, but also for puffiness and undereye circles.


Want to know a good trick on how to keep your brow sweat free? It’s the same way you keep your underarms sweat free, you use the same deodorant or anti perspirant. Simply because, these products will work on any part of the body that you choose to use them on. So if you have a tendency to sweat rather than glow, just swipe a deodorant stick across your forehead and stay sweat free. Apply to the T zone, that is the forehead, down the nose and the chin for the best results, then dab with a tiny bit of loose powder. You can also use it on your upper lip and hairline. Make up artists to the A Listers recommend applying with a foundation brush in thin layers. But remember that these products are not designed to be used on the face so do a patch test first. Don’t forget my disclaimer! It’s in here somewhere!

Jello Powder

When you were a kid, did you ever dab your fingers in bright red raspberry jello powder to get the effect of wearing lipstick? Bet you did! Well the great thing about remembering childhood incidences is that, they still work! What you do now as an adult, ahem, is lick your lips and then smooth on some raspberry, or if you prefer the shade of cherry or strawberry, it’s your choice, dip your fingers into the powder and apply to your moistened lips. Layer on a moisture rich lipstick after this and you’ll find that the stain will last all night!

Disclaimer: All the products mentioned are not really supposed to be used for the purposes that we have set out in this article, so basically, you’re on your own!

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