Top 5 ways to add glamour to your home this Christmas!

Christmas decor for your home

Homes are basically the best place to celebrate festivals. Many of us do not prefer this because we feel our homes are not quite organized for the occasions or maybe aren’t just glamorous enough for a celebration. But times have changed now. Organizing your house for occasions does not seem to be very hard unless you plan it well. Most of us call in décor professionals for these tasks, but the ones who cannot afford them? Not to worry, here is a guide on how you can make your home sophisticated, stylish and yes, glamorous for Christmas –

A good plan: A good planning is the foremost thing of consideration when you plan to organize and add on a glamorous touch to your homes. Look out the interiors of your house and set them according to your convenience.

Cluttering: As we all know, glamour is all about making it bright, bold and beautiful. So organize stuff in such a way that they appear well and neat and make your home look spacious. Keep objects in shelves to a minimum in number. You can check out the guide to de-cluttering before you start.

Modern flooring and furniture: Today, wooden floors are in fashion. The days of the pine laminate flooring are gone. Wooden floors though a little hard on pockets are smooth, well polished and perfect for house needing a glamorous touch. And coming to the furniture, do not only choose what looks best in the showroom. Imagine it when it is placed in your home. So buy accordingly what goes well with the architecture of your house. The one made by the finest and hardest woods will be the ideal of all. Also try investing in some accent or antique pieces of furniture. They could be sculptures, wooden stands, huge candle holders etc.

Lighting: This is the most important part in glamourizing your house and the good thing about lighting is that you have many choices! Like, if the ceiling of your house is low (many of today’s houses do), you can store up different sources for the lightings. You can have stand lamps or table lamps, huge candles lit during the occasion or even the antique but modernized forms of lanterns. If the ceilings are quiet high enough, you have the best choice of hanging up chandeliers. These vary in size as well as in appearance. You could choose one which goes well with the interior of your hall.

Basic stuff: Carpet your house with huge and carpets, keep toys of children away when not in need, keep the couches free from pet hair and most of all set up the Christmas tree well.

Setting up the tree for the Christmas is also the part of making your house look glamorous for Christmas. So set it well and beautiful. Start it with baubles with ribbon bow on top. Make sure you use bright and bold colors of baubles and suiting colors for the ribbons. Like if the baubles are golden you could choose red colored ribbons, if they are blue, use white ribbons and red with golden or silver and so on. Next you can cover Christmas crackers with pieces of crepe paper. Tie bows on either side with ribbons, and even stick them up with golden painted stars in the centre of the tree. You can even use feathers for the tree to make it more apprehensive.

Other than the above, it is also good to set and decorate your dinner table for the Christmas night. You can tie up the big dinner plates and the small dessert ones with a piece of ribbon, appearing a bow. Place card or flower at the corner of the plates. You can even use feather to flowers. Place the spoons in manners that appear pleasing to the guest for the night.

Christmas is all about celebration and merry-making. Make this time of a year a memorable experience by giving your home a brilliant make-over. Your home definitely deserves it!

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