Top 5 Ecko brand shoes

Ecko shoe brand

Ecko shoe brand

ECKO is an entrepreneurial stream of the urban style clothing, formed by the American designer, Marc Ecko (Milecofsky).  Ecko has been in business since the 1990’s. Marc Ecko is basically the founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Marc Ecko Enterprises, a company leading on a billion dollar scale global fashion and lifestyle business. He started his career as a graphic designer. Later, he took up a traditional career and then returning back to his true passion, designing he set up the Ecko Unltd in his 20’s. Marc Ecko is the main man behind making the Ecko brand what it is today!

Today, Ecko Unltd is one among the most leading brands for men’s clothing and fashion accessories. He has also made his fan followers in various other streams like the  Mark Ecko CUT and SEW, a contemporary menswear line, Zoo York, a leading sport lifestyle brand, Marc Ecko Entertainment , complete video and social gaming entity, and many more to the list.

The Ecko brand is very popular for clothing and accessories for men, particularly the shoes. Marc Ecko branded shoes are ideal for any occasion and any season. Mostly preferred as sportswear, these shoes are quite trendy to be paired up with a pair of denims, cargos or Capri’s – simply any form of casual clothing. Appearing bright and trendy is the motto of these branded shoes.

The designer shoes from Marc Ecko

The designer shoes from Marc Ecko

When coming to the most popular Ecko shoes, the list is more on less non-exhaustive. Here is my pick of the top 5 Ecko shoes that you can get for the branded you!

THE MARC ECKO FINELY SPORTY CHUKKA BOOTS: The chukka boots with leather and suede uppers, moc toes, and contrasted fine stitching which mostly come in double color, black and brown are one among those shoes form Ecko that are almost always high on demand. Chukka boots much preferred by the adventure lovers are an ideal for every youth’s funky wardrobe.

THE BRISTLE JUPINS: The Bristle Jupins are perhaps the best collection of streamlined sneakers. Bringing in the perfect athletic shoe without a lot of detailing, these shoes are much preferred in brown suede hues but also look pretty well in black or white leather. These shoes are comfortable and simply perfect for an easy casual wear.

THE RICHARDSON- SHEFFIELD: An ideal collection of trim and slim sneakers which are unique and cool, the Richardson – Sheffield shoes from Ecko come with a contrast stitching on the leather uppers with colorful accents at the sides of their soles. These shoes are pretty much ideal for the hot outings or a real sport game.

THE ROWDY GRAFFITI JOGGERS: The complete range of much a kind attitudinal look shoes, stylish and comfortable, the Rowdy Graffiti joggers are an ideal pair of jogging shoes you can get.  If you want your shoes to be one as the attractions when you are out for your jogs, these shoes are perfect to your list. These have graffiti designs printed on them, making you look classy enough among the crowd.

THE DONOVAN: A range of bowling inspired sneakers, quite retro, trendy and full of personality. These are shoes of a unique bowling style made up of smooth leather, available in combinations like the tan and white and the black and whites.

Two years ago, I had purchased a pair of cool looking BRISTLE JUPINS for my kid bro who was participating in a city marathon. These shoes made his race comfortable and also seemed to make him an attention grasper of the audience present. The Ecko shoes depict a class of their own. They are cool, stylish and super comfortable. If you have comfort and style on your mind, Ecko is the brand for you!

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