Top 3 treadmills to lose those extra pounds

Treadmills to keep you in shape.

A treadmill is one of the easiest ways of making you fit. Not only it is a way to reduce down your weight but it also is a means to stay healthy. There were times when treadmills were highly recommended for people with an obese factor in mind but today they are just a source of exercise. You must try your hands on a weight loosing equipment before you feel all that favorite clothes of yours have to be dumped away because they do not accept you now.

There are certain factors one needs to check on before buying a treadmill. Here a list to a few.

  • What kind of fitness activities you are heading for is the first thing of consideration. If you only need to jog or walk and reduce your weight or then treadmill serves the purpose.
  • Check out for how much space you have in your house. If there is space constraint then you could choose a smaller size of treadmill, which would cost you less and also would be a lower in service factor.
  • It is not important to mention but just to increase the list is the next and an important factor – your budget. It is obvious that you check on your budget before buying anything. The right investment would serve you for a better one serving you long times.
  • Checking on the pros and cons of the treadmill is also important. Before you buy a treadmill, ensure all the instructions of using the treadmill are well understood.
  • Moving on, when you have checked on all the terms and confused to select which type of treadmill or of which brand you want, here is a little guide to your way.

The best of all is the Icon Health and Fitness treadmills, which is a company that offers the best brands of treadmills. The top three brands of this company are:

WELSO BRAND: This brand is really a good one for the ones thinking hard to invest for the treadmill. This is a little lower brand in terms of cost, but still the best in service. This is also good for the people who are new users of treadmills. Spinning the other side, they have certain defectors too. This treadmill comes with lesser qualities than the expensive treadmills. Also, they serve for a short tenure and ideally for a maximum period of three months.

REEBOK BRAND: Mostly preferred for gyms and fitness centers, these treadmills are good for home purposes too. Their time warranty is quiet long. They come in different models, easy to select for the place you are planning to use it in.  Moreover, these treadmills are quiet affordable to the ones really desiring to buy one. Only factor that puts this treadmill a little down is that these treadmills are not too much reliable and durable when compared to other brands of market.

IMAGE BRAND: When you are ready to invest high in a treadmill, no option is as good as the Image brand. This brand gives you treadmills with factors or reliability, durability and easy portability. This treadmill gives you all the factors you are looking for in a treadmill but lacks the feature of long run. It only stands for 3 months.

Some of the treadmill models are:

Proform Performance 400: this treadmill comes in with many factors like, iFit compatibility, iPod dock, quick speed and inclined buttons. Also, this treadmill providers offer you a free shipping facility.

Sole F85: This is an extra wide belted treadmill (22”) with an ultra high torque motor. It also has a good cushioning, providing the user a smooth run.

Precor 9.31: This is one of the treadmills which come under commercials. This is mostly used in health clubs and fitness centers. It has a 3.0 HP motor and around 8-9 pre-set programs. This is quite reasonable in terms of price any easily available anywhere.

I was increasing day by day. In a week I put over 5 numbers additional to my weight. I knew I had to do something to stop this and put an end to my obesity. The good option was a treadmill. I purchased one of the best Reebok brands, which served me well in reducing those extra pounds. For more information you can check www.treadmilltalk.com.

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