Top 3 things to carry to a gym

Gym or fitness centre in simple language is among the places where you need to be completely organized. Not just carrying your obese body to release those extra pounds is enough for a gym goer.  There are certain things one needs to pack up before heading for a regular gym. You may get the essential ideas on the how to prepare for a gym session at www.healthmango.com.

Going to a gym is just as close as going to a sport. You will surely need baggage with you like you do before heading for your all time sport. But what kind of stuff do we carry is the question. Here is the answer at a glance.

When you head for a gym or fitness centre it is obvious you carry a bottle of water with you. Water is something that keeps you hydrated by improving your endurance, muscle performance and strength. So carry water that will help you work for long, otherwise dehydration may reduce your performance and also bring in problems like sudden body jerks and tight cramps. Also carry energy drinks and few healthy snacks, which will keep your stomach filled in during course.

Another thing that is absolutely important is your gym clothes and a pair of athletic shoes. Ensure that the clothes you carry are used only in the gym and are washed every day before you get back to the gym. Carry other basic stuff like the sweatband, headband, lifting gloves (gloves for weight lifting) etc, a pair of flip-flops which can be used in the locker rooms or at the time of shower etc. Also carry an extra pair of clothes and undergarments for your use after shower. You could even carry things for your entertainment like a music player, an iPod with headphones etc.

Things to carry to a gym

Things to carry to a gym

Other than these, there are certain things which are rated the top most essential brings to a gym by many gym goers and fitness masters. Here is the list to the top 3 and most essential items one must carry to a gym:

A WORKOUT LOG: This is one of the most important items that most people do not carry to a gym. Before you head to a gym, plan a workout sheet. If you are going to a gym to really work out there, then this sheet must be an all time present item in your bag. In this sheet you could plan on stuff you would be working on in a gym, a record of your performance and also a record of the weight you have gained or loss after you started with gym.

SHOWER SUPPLIES: These are also important parts of your daily work outs. Though gyms provide you certain stuff for showering, it is always good to carry something of your own, that only you can use. Shower supplies include soaps, a shampoo, a towel and a pair of flip-flops. No matter how clean is your gym, it is always good wear flip-flops during showers or in locker rooms as doing such may prevent fungi which may cause severe foot infections. Here you could get an idea on gym shower at www.ehow.com.

A PADLOCK: All gyms provide lockers if you are among regular gym goers. Most of gyms do not provide locks for their lockers, so it is good if you carry a lock with you for your locker so as to protect any valuables like watch, wallet or chain you might place in the locker. Any kind of lock will be good, but a combination lock will be a safe choice as you do not need to carry any key with you daily and risk it for losing.

Going to a gym is not just about losing weight or being in shape. Going to gym has a lot to do with your discipline and punctuality. The more serious you are about being organized and disciplined, the better will the results be. Make your work-out sessions at a gym even more fruitful by carrying all that you will need. 

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