Top 3 suits this Summer

Summer is that time of the year when the barbeque parties, golf treats and outdoor activity is full-on. Of course, there are also times when one has to be at an evening lounge party or any other event. No matter what the season, suits are the sharpest outfit a man can wear.

Of course, suits worn in winter have to be very different from the ones worn in summer for obvious reasons. If you want to look your stylish best this summer, here are some of the great picks of the season. Suits are recognized to project a man’s confidence and the suit you wear tells a lot about your personality.

Men’s Linen suits: A hot-selling suit every season and especially during summers. Linen suits never go out of fashion.

men's linen suit

men’s linen suit

Linen is the best fabric for summer because it is easy to pull on, light weight and doesn’t absorb too much heat. All these reasons favor a linen suit during warm summer temperatures. Over the last few years, men’s linen suits have become trendier with sharp cuts and finer quality of fabric.

Contemporary linen is definitely in because it known to be more resistant to dirt and stains. There is little doubt that you may want to sport light colors and linen offers you just that. If you have eyes on that girl you expect to meet at the event/meet then I’d say white is the color.

Nothing beats a man wearing a white linen suit during summers. Linen is a great fabric that helps you stay cool. It’s made and fabrics help it let the air flow evenly so you don’t sweat. This is my personal favorite and I’m very positive this will remain the top suit for summers to come.

Men’s formal suits: Suits are an integral part of any man’s wardrobe and his daily life. A man is expected or at least can afford to wear a suit to pretty much every occasion. Formal suits can be bought off the rack. You can also get a suit tailor-made.

men's formal suit

men’s formal suit

Now, a tailor-made suit has its own advantages but I wouldn’t recommend one for this season. Although the luxury of having to choose your own fabric, have it cut as per your body measurement are quite good; the flip side is that most of these tailor-suits are one, time consuming and two, they’re made to perfection. That means you may not be able to fit into them if you put on or lose few pounds. Tailor made suits are also expensive and are best suitable for one-off big occasions.

Off the rack suits are more appropriate because the stitching is standard and you can sport them on any day. Also, men’s formal suits are undeniable attire for all business and formal settings. You can choose from a wide range of eye-catching contemporary styles that suits your taste and comfort.

Among the formal suits, my favorite is one with a waist-coat. Although not meant for all formal occasions, a three-piece waist coat formal suit can give a sharp overall appearance. Polyester cotton is a runaway hit any day for men’s formal suits. This is genuinely good for summer and other seasons too.

sport coat

sport coat

Sport coat and blazer: Most formalistic rules apply to men’s formal wear and even a single mistake damages the overall work but a sport blazer is just the right thing for a Friday or semi-casual meetings after work. You can carry it off with a company document in one hand and a beer in another. Most Americans love to sport a blazer on weekends too.

This is among the most sought-after attire on summer evenings when you want to be relaxed yet taken seriously. There is lot of variety in sport blazer. Two-button, three-button, single and double vent are just few of them. I strongly recommend you choose a sport coat that is dark grey, beige or brown. These are great colors and will go with any tee or shirt you may wear. Also, try slipping into a pair of good-fitting denim. Denims are the most pronounced combination with blazers.

Summer is an excellent time to wear a suit as long as you choose come thing that matches your personality and the gathering. This summer, go out and paint the world with your own sense of fashion!

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