Tips to Turn Your Attic into a Living Space

If you are constantly complaining that you have no room to move but have an attic that seems to just be the dumping pile for junk, you are ignoring a large chunk of real estate in your own ceiling. I know you are thinking that attics are dreary places only suitable for spiders but they can be made quite comfortable.

The first thing to do is to clear out all the clutter and rubbish. Chances are that an item, once it has made its way to the attic is no longer useful to you. Get yourself three boxes – one for rubbish, one for charity and one to keep.

If you really have to, get a “to fix” box as well. Sort the stuff straight into boxes. Any broken or out-dated technology chuck out. Any clothes that no longer fit send to charity, special things with sentimental value, you may keep. Be ruthless. Get rid of as much as you can.

Next on the agenda is the big clean- up. Dust every nook and cranny and wipe down the walls with sugar soap. If the attic has windows, open them and let some air in.

While you are waiting for everything to dry, go and select a cheerful colour to paint the attic. Think of how you will use the space because this will determine the colour you select. The only caveat is to choose a light colour – attics are usually to dim to support dark colours. You can decide if you want to paint the inside of the roof or keep it natural – natural is usually best.

Once the attic is painted, it will already have started to look a lot better. Your next step is to bring in more lighting and electricity. You should rather have a professional electrician install the lighting or any wall plugs you may require.

The next step is to sort out the flooring. You may decide to keep the original flooring and add some rugs or mats to make it homely or you may decide to have it completely carpeted. The choice, in the end, is yours.

All that is left now is to install some furniture and accessories and, voila, your attic is now a living space.



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