Tips to keep your baby gear organized

An organized baby room

An organized baby room

Adult furniture and organizing systems do not translate well to the children’s need. Heavy drawers, closet hanging rods, pushing doors are hard slams to the little hands. These hands are much acquainted to spilling stuff, shattering clothes and toys that make homes toy stores. Kids cannot stay organized when their closets are crammed, drawers are stuffed and play things are shattered at every inch of their rooms. Kids gear must be organized in pleasing ways, unlike the adult stuff.

A kid at home considers his room the most special place. So their rooms must be organized in the most special manner. As children love colors, their rooms must be very bright and colorful. You could use cartooned walls or walls with different layers and patterns of colors. You could build up windows or balconies if you are organizing a room for a little grown up kid. Instead of the common beds, use bunker beds if the room is being shared with the siblings. If your kid is below five years, put up kinds of bed rails to the bed as a measure for his safe sleep. You could set up toy library (basically a toy shelf), in which your little one could find the toy he actually needs, easily. If your kid does not use toys you could set up a book library, piling up books he will find interesting to learn and read. Sort out toys at regular basis, by cleaning the ones in need and dumping the old ones. If you are falling short of space for the shelves, you could arrange a table in some corner of the room with a toy basket underneath or simply you could place a basket in which your little one could store his toys and play stuff. Basically, you can give your kid five different toys each day. This would make your child experience different toys each day, making his play time much interesting.

Baskets to organize baby's stuff

Baskets to organize baby’s stuff

Moving on to the furniture, avoid using simple woods in your toddler’s room. You could use those classy eco-friendly plastics or fibers for the beds and tables. If you have plans to buy little swings for your kids, try buying the ones which give you a feature of folding them back when not in use. This could create space in the kid’s room. Purchase little bean bags instead of normal chairs as these serve great in two purposes, one; they are much comfortable than chairs, especially to little kids, and second; they are easy to carry anywhere. Closets of a child room appear more to be a sea, digging deep for every cloth. These are the most important items that are to be organized in a kid’s room.  Choose a closet which is quiet spacious and has the feature of many drawers and shelves. When you arrange a child’s wardrobe, always be systematic. Firstly, sort and store. Sort out the clothes seasonally and arrange them in appropriate order. You could place the small items like the socks, handkerchiefs, socks and undergarments in the drawers separately. Check out the clothes what your kid prefers to wear and which he has not touched for a year. Dump off the clothes which your child probably does not like to wear. Pile up different clothes in different divisions of the wardrobe like the uniforms in one, the party wears in other and casuals in another. You may label them like wise for making it more convenient for your child when he is looking for stuff in his wardrobe. Make different spaces to push in the towels and bed sheets as well of your child’s room. Piling up bed sheets and blanket in the closet will make the room appear neat and clean. Try hanging up occasionally worn clothes in hanger rods. If you have more than one kid and they share same room, try putting up different closets or probably different sections for each of their items. This may avoid confusion to the little kids and easy hand for you while sorting out their stuff. Choose bright decors and colors for your child’s wardrobe.

Shoe racks are a must in every child’s room. You could use a separate shoe rack or the bottom space provided in the wardrobe for shoe placements.

Above all, get their room floor cleaned daily, to maintain a hygienic home.

Handling children is quiet tough till they grow up but when you keep their gears organized, you are on smooth tracks. I always organize room for my kids keeping in mind their preferences and level of their adjustments and most of all, planning on how they learn and work on handling their own stuffs.

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