Tips to Survive The School Holidays

Summer Holidays

Well they are finally upon us and if you are wondering how you are going to get through them without tantrums and hissy fits then look no further. These fool proof tips will save your sanity and make you the parents with the mostest this summer as you wow your kids with new ideas, money saving trips out and routines that would make Supernanny jealous. So what are you waiting for? You’ve got six weeks to go!

Get organised

Start off with the calender and let your kids know what kind of activities are planned from each week to the next. For instance, if you are taking them out for a special trip once or twice a week, staying in for a few days, planning an indoor picnic should it rains or simply going on a shopping trip, make sure your kids have an idea of what they will be doing for that week in advance.

Budget your money

Let your kids know exactly how much money you have allocated each week and give them some choice as to how they want to spend it (within reason). So get them to work out activities that cost under a tenner for the day or a little more expensive for a more exciting trip. Involve them in thinking up ideas that do not cost anything such as picnics in the park or building a den in the woods.

Get creative

Start a project that you can go back to time and time again when the weather is inclement. It could be something as simple as a massive jigsaw or something more complex such as a tile mosaic but place it in a spare room out of the way and get all family members involved. Ask all children what they would like to do before you commence and use it as a ‘go to activity’ when all else fails.

Go outside

When the weather is good get outside at every chance you get. One problem with school holidays is the feeling of cabin fever so invest as much time as you can on outdoor pursuits, whether it be simply walking the dog or your kids meeting up with their friends at a local park.

Join Holiday clubs

For an occasional treat perhaps once a week get your children to go to a holiday club that specialises in an interest of their choosing, for instance football during the day or ballet or dancing. There are plenty of holiday camps that offer days out for around £23 and last for 10 hours a day including breakfast, lunch and tea, see www.outofschoolcare.co.uk

Finally, if your kids get bored, let them get on with providing some of their own entertainment. It is not up to you to constantly stimulate them with ideas so avoid the urge to give in to their whining and suggest they find something to do themselves.

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