Tips on How to Choose Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Choosing the right bridesmaid dresses is key to the success of your wedding party, so don’t make the mistake of asking your fiancé or anybody else to make such an important decision on your behalf just because you trust their judgment, or you might end up having a nervous breakdown.

If you want your wedding to be the way you have always envisioned it, you should take care of every single detail and make sure that the theme and colours of your wedding are well reflected in your bridesmaids’ dresses. Here are the most important considerations:

Colour and Fabric

Even though it is your wedding, you should listen to what your bridesmaids have to say seeing as they will be helping you a great deal during the weeks before the big day. It might happen that you can not find the exact shade of pink you are looking for. The best thing to do in these cases is to set a deadline by which you should have made up your mind either way. Don’t choose unfeminine dresses that will make your bridesmaids look huge and sexless so you look hot and stunning in comparison. Instead, opt for dresses that evoke the same feel as your wedding dress and somehow complement it, in terms of fabric and hue.

Consider having Different Designs

Unless you have selected your bridesmaids based on their physical appearance, it is highly likely that a single style won’t flatter all of them. However, if you don’t want to be surrounded by girls wearing different dresses, remember that A-line gowns and empire waists look good on most women. If your bridesmaids are all different body types, you might also consider choosing different styles to make sure that each one of them feels beautiful and comfortable.

Oh and forget all the hype about Pippa Middleton. Unless there is more than one bride, nobody can upstage you on your wedding day.

Make Sure they Can Afford it

Be sure to pick something your bridesmaids can afford. Or pick bridesmaids who can afford the outfits you want. Consider chipping in by paying for the cost of makeup, manicure and pedicure: your bridesmaids will appreciate that. Seeing as your bridesmaids will have to pay between £ 60-100 for their dresses, make sure that you pick something that they can re-use in the future. Dark-coloured dresses, for example, look good in most women and can be worn to formal events.

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