Tips on Christmas Window Decorations

Christmas is a wonderful season that includes putting up beautiful decorations around your home. One spot that sometimes gets overlooked however, is your windows. Christmas window decorations add a warm and welcoming look to your home. Christmas decorations in your windows will attract your guests and people who pass by. Below are some christmas window decorations ideas that you can use for decorating your windows, starting from lights to cribs and ornaments.

Christmas Lights

Are the most popular Christmas window decorations. You can use different coloured lights to make your window more inviting. You can use the garlands to form an outline of Santa Claus, or make a shape of a Christmas tree using them. You can also get some lighted angels or stars from the stores and place them strategically on the glass of the windows so that they replicate the stars and angels in the night sky. Christmas lights can also be placed around the outside of all of your windows for a festive look, just be sure to get lights that are rated for outdoor use. You can also place a bunch of small, wide candles, i.e. electric candles, on the window sill to create perfect framed ornament. Place them in a pretty tray with some holly leaves and berries. Keep the tray inside the window, and make sure the drapes are pulled well away from the candles.

christmas lights for Christmas Window Decorations

Christmas Window Decorations Stick On

Christmas window stick on decorations are typically made of a plastic film that you peel off from backing paper. They will then stick with static electricity, or by forming a tight seal between the decoration and the window. Be sure to remove any air bubbles to prevent the decoration from falling. The nice thing about cling-on Christmas window decorations is that you can use them year after year, and they will leave any marks on your windows. You can choose between snow flakes, Christmas trees, angels and candles and much more.

Christmas window stick on decorations

Door Wreaths

Will also work for Christmas window decorations. They are made using different materials and different styles. You can experiment with small wreaths for your windows. You can stick to the basic holly and berry wreath, choosing between a real and fresh one or go for an artificial one. Artificial wreathswill last longer, but it’s the same as a Christmas tree, only a real one that will give you the true Christmas feel. If you are using a real one, make sure you change the wreath when it begins to wilt.

christmas Door Wreaths

Nativity Scenes

Are really for the religious types or for children out there. You can opt for a decoration depicting where Jesus was born. This needs to be on quite a wide window sill. You’ll need hay, a miniature hut, Christmas figurines for Mother Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, angels, the three kings, shepherds, sheep, rabbits, goats, other livestock and a bright and shiny star hung at the top. Keep a picture of the birth of Jesus for reference and replicate it using the materials that you have. Place it on the window sill, with a spot light directly pointed at it. This is considered as one of the best Christmas window decorations.

christmas Nativity Scenes

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